Brian’s Crush

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'I'd like that,' Claire said finally, 'I've had my eye on you, too. ' Brian was surprised, and extremely happy to hear this. 'But it can't happen. This is my last day here.

I'm moving. I'm going to college in Arizona,' Brian said wildly, 'I'm sorry. I had to tell you how I felt. ' 'I can't believe this,' Claire said, more to herself than Brian, 'The first time a guy shows any interest in me, and he's leaving.

After looking to be sure no one was coming, he unlocked the door to an office. He turned on a little lamp that gave them just enough light to see each other, and locked the door behind him, 'No one will know we're in here if we're quiet. ' Claire stood in front of him, and absent-mindedly pulled her hair-tie out, letting the soft auburn curls tumble around her shoulders and down her back.

Brian stepped closer to her, and kissed her softly. He slowly slipped his tongue into her small mouth. She was slow to respond, but when she did, it was with fervor. For a while, they kissed in silence.

'Brian,' She said breathlessly, 'I've never done this before. ' 'You're a virgin?' 'Yes, but what I meant was that I've never even been kissed before this. ' 'Do you want to…give yourself to me?' He asked gently. 'There's nothing to be afraid of.

I'll take care of you. ' Claire just nodded. She had wanted Brian for a long time. His warm brown eyes and firm body had found their way into her dreams hundreds of times.

She had rubbed her clit as many times pretending that it was Brian doing it. He helped Claire out of her shirt. She stood before him in her plain white bra, looking afraid, and at the same time eager. Brian reached behind Claire's back, as he kissed her neck, to unfasten the bra.

Her small breasts stood out from her chest, her nipples hard from anticipation. Brian sat in the office chair, and pulled Claire into his lap. He couldn't believe his dream was coming true. Brian took one of the hard, little nipples into his mouth, and licked at it softly.

Claire touched his hair, and closed her eyes. She pressed her leg into Brian's erection. It felt so large. 'I've wanted you so badly for so long, Claire,' Brian whispered.

Claire could feel that she was going to have a powerful orgasm. 'I'm going to cum, Brian,' She whispered in his ear. He almost fell in love with her when she said his name like that. 'It's okay, Claire.

Feel it. Just let go,' Brian whispered back, wanting to make this so good for her that she'd never forget him. 'Oh, it feels so good,' She moaned. Brian felt her body quiver as Claire's orgasm quaked through her.

His fingers were wet from her juices. Brian put them to his lips and sucked them. 'You taste good, Claire,' Brian said, 'I want more. Lie on the floor,' Claire obeyed without question, and Brian helped her off with her uniform pants and white cotton underwear.

The floor of the office was hard, but it would have to do. Brian pressed her legs apart, and knelt between them. Brian's thumbs pressed the lips of her sweet pussy away from her clit. His tongue flicked at her exposed clit quickly, and Claire's breath drew in sharply.

Strange, he thought, it felt really good. Brian's prick was positively aching at this point, and he couldn't wait another moment to fuck Claire. He positioned himself above her, and was about to enter, when she said, 'Wait, Brian,' Claire sat up, 'I want to taste you, too,' she said shyly. .

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