Brian’s Crush

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Claire used her hand to pump up and down on his massive cock as she licked the head tenderly. Brian was surprised how well Claire sucked cock. She was obviously inexperienced, but it felt so awesome anyway. He stroked her hair, and resisted the urge to slam his prick to the back of her throat.

He had to fuck her now! 'Claire, I need you. I need to be inside of you. ' Brian had Claire lie on the floor again. He got on his knees between her legs.

She had them eagerly spread. She was definitely ready. 'Don't worry, Claire. I'll take care of you,' Brian said again.

He very carefully pressed it in and out, thankful they were both well lubricated. Once Brian got it all the way into her, he began thrusting harder. Her tight pussy felt so amazing around his fat prick. He wasn't going to last long this way.

Brian and Claire understood that they would probably never see each other again after this wonderful night, and neither was happy about it. But in this tender moment they were one. Brian's thick shaft filled Claire's emptiness fully. Their arms and legs were wound around each other.

There mouths were connected in a warm, tender, eager kiss. Both of them moved towards a long, satisfying climax, Brian's cock moving a few inches in and out of Claire's sweet little pussy as they rocked back and forth. Finally, the walls of Claire's vagina began squeezing at Brian's cock with intense fury, causing his orgasm to begin as well.

The couple held each other in silence for a long time when it was all over. Both were afraid that they had found perfection, and would now have to let it go. Once they were dressed, Brian said, 'I'm afraid I may be in love with you, Claire. I think I have been all summer.

I've never been in love. ' 'The sad thing is I think I love you, too. If this is meant to be, we'll find a way. If not, well, I don't think we'll ever forget each other.

' Claire's big eyes met with Brian's brown ones, and they kissed, a long tender kiss, which they hoped would not be their last. . . .

. . . .

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