Bridesmaid and Bartender Ch. 2

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He pulled her down hard on his pulsing erection and released his seed deep into her waiting warmth. For several moments they clung together, perspiration glistening on their hot skin. She’d dropped her head to his chest, her hair a glorious mess of knots and sweat. .

. . . .

looking sexier than anything Matt had ever seen. Julie listened to the pounding of his heart while she breathlessly waited for hers to return to normal. Thoughts raced through her mind, how could this have happened, why did she let it?? Matt tilted her face up and looked deep into her eyes, smiling before he captured her lips with his own.

He didn’t want her to think, just feel and give in to the moment as one of pure lust and desire. Julie closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the room smelled of hot musky sex, arousing her yet again. She couldn’t believe she’d just made love with Matt, no. .

. . . had sex with him, this had nothing to do with love.

Julie watched him from the doorway, admiring his smooth bronze back, his firm buttocks, the way the muscles rippled in his arms. Tightening her bathrobe around her she made her presence known. Matt turned and grinned at her, the grin slowly vanishing as he took in the horrified look on her face, the way she wouldn’t meet his eyes, the flush in her cheeks.

He knew something was wrong, yet he couldn’t imagine what it could be. She was the most passionate lover he’d ever been with, surely she realized??? Matt approached her and slid his arms around her waist, whispering in her ear “What’s wrong honey?” Julie twisted out of his grasp and said, “I think you better go,” her voice so quiet he barely heard it.

She was on the verge of tears while he dressed then strode to the door. As it clicked shut behind him, Julie let go and cried her eyes out. Matt slammed the door to his truck and muttered, what had he done to make her behave that way? She’d appeared stricken and leaving the way he did made him feel like a major heel.

Matt unfolded himself from behind the wheel and approached the house. All was quiet and he hated bothering them on their honeymoon, though he knew they wouldn’t mind. Seconds after he knocked, Jane answered the door wearing a frilly pink bathrobe, her hair mussed from sleep. .

. . . and lord knew what else.

“I figured you’d still be with Julie, Doug said, how did it go?” Matt admitted that it had gone very well, until just after they’d made love. Doug became strangely quiet and Matt looked at him quizzically. Taking a deep breath, Doug told Matt all about Daniel, the man who’d been in Julie’s life, the man who’d taken an innocent young woman and destroyed all self esteem she had.

Matt listened in disbelief, this Daniel must have been a blind man not to see the fire this woman possessed. His fingers curled into fists at his sides. No wonder she’d looked at him as if he had leprosy. She must think he used her, he thought warily.

Jane entered the kitchen and touched Matt’s arm lightly. “Go easy on her, she said, Julie’s been through a lot and she needs a strong man who truly loves her. ” At the mention of the “L” word, Matt stiffened. .

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