Bridesmaid and Bartender Part 3

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Julie doubted she’d really hear from Matt, and maybe it was better this way. She was getting very used to rejection, though she really hadn’t dated much in the last six months. She’d pretty much resigned herself to being alone, throwing herself into her work, and dealing with each day as it came.

Sighing, she let her hands roam her body, water splashing over her breasts and swirling around her thighs. She let out a soft moan as she remembered Matt’s hands caressing her, exciting her, driving her to sweet oblivion. She’d never in her life experienced something so passionate, so tender and loving.

The sound of the phone startled her out of her thoughts. Julie quickly sprang from the tub, running naked down the hallway and snatching up the receiver. Matt’s voice on the other end made her shiver in pleasure and she hurriedly whipped a towel around her, as if he could see her nakedness.

If she played her cards right, maybe he would turn out to be the one for her. Matt hung up the phone and grinned, pleased that she’d accepted his invitation. After several hours of discussion with Jane and Doug, he’d finally made his way home, the decision firm in his mind to ask Julie to dinner.

He glanced at the clock, realized that he did not have much time to get things ready, and sprinted to the bathroom to take a quick shower. As the hot water streamed down his body he recalled the softness of the Julie, wishing she was there with him. He wanted her again, in the shower, her body clinging to hers and her lips crying his name.

Matt took a ragged breath, looking down at his growing erection. . . .

. no woman had ever affected him this way. Yes, Julie was definitely one of a kind. Julie raced around her apartment searching for the perfect outfit to wear tonight.

The hem of the dress fell to just above her knees. Julie carefully applied her makeup and dabbed a bit of her favorite scent, Vanilla Musk, behind her ears and into the valley between her breasts. A pair of strappy black heels completed the effect. She was ready.

Just as Julie was sitting down to await his arrival, Matt was climbing into his truck with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne. He’d made reservations at a very nice restaurant and if all went well, they could pop open the champagne later. He really wanted to make a good impression, to show Julie he truly cared for her.

She was unlike any woman he’d ever known and certainly wanted to get to know her better. He wanted to communicate with her, find out her wants and desires, what made her tick. Matt was upset with himself for letting his lust for her take precedence over getting to know her but he’d rectify that soon enough.

When Julie opened the door he could do nothing but stare. My god she looked fabulous in that little black dress! He leaned in and lightly brushed his lips across her cheek, inhaling her aroma and feeling his body tingle in response. As he pulled back, she smiled at him, her gaze settling on the items in his hands.

Matt grinned, handing her the flowers and as she walked to the kitchen to find a vase, he slipped the bottle of champagne into the refrigerator. Matt grasped her hand tightly and led her to his truck, helping her up into the seat before sliding into his own. The restaurant was very fancy and Julie glanced around in awe.

. . . .

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