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Ever since I saw you in your bridesmaid dress I've been looking forward to the end of the night, you look absolutely beautiful I didn't think it was possible for you to make me want you more than I already do, I've wanted to tell you all day as to what was going through my mind for this point in time, but it never seemed right to whisper in your ear.

. . We walk up to our room together we're both a little drunk, we were planning on not getting this way but wedding celebrations have a tendency to go a bit overboard. .

I open the door for you and as you walk past me and through the door your smile at me and kick your heels off, I followed and lock the door, you've already started to unzip your dress but I ask you to stop and let me do it, you've already pulled your hair over your shoulder so I kiss your neck and put my hands over both your shoulders, I start to massage them as I'm kissing slowly up your neck, you reach behind and pull my hips in closer, You can feel my hard on as you do, I lick behind your ear and then whisper to you how beautiful you looked today and that I didn't think you could look more beautiful than you usually do, you tell me to shut up, I then tell you how I've been thinking of this moment since I sore you this morning, you laugh a little and say you didn't expect anything less, knowing how my mind works and that you was expecting me to tease you all day.

. I lick your ear and then bite it, my hands still massaging your shoulders, I kiss your ear and then behind your ear and slowly kiss my way down and around to your cheek, you moan that your feet hurt, so I whisper you won't have to stand much longer, I move my hands to the zip and kiss the top of your neck, as I unzip your bridesmaid dress I kiss downwards following the zip line, slowly and softly till I reach your bra strap, I unclasp your bra, and carry on unzipping whilst kissing down your spine.

. The zip goes no further and I keep kissing you on your naked skin, I move my hands and hold the sleeves of your dress so you can remove your arms, the dress drops and you remove your bra, your now just standing there in your French knickers and stockings, I just stare for a few seconds as I didn't know you was wearing stockings, and I can't decide if there coming off for staying on.

. I kiss the bridge of your back and slowly start to pull down your knickers, I keep kissing down towards your bum till your French knickers reach the floor I kiss each bum cheek and start to stand up, my hands glide up your inner leg, and I kiss my way back up until I'm standing again, my hands on your hips, I kiss your neck and slowly turn you around to face me.

. I start to take off my suit jacket and you stop me, you wrap your arms inside my jacket and around my waist and kiss me on the lips, you want to undress me yourself, I look you straight in the eyes and smile, I can't believe just how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to have you, you know what I'm thinking and just smile at me, you've always smiled more with your eyes than with your mouth.

. . . .

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