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. You remove my jacket and waist coat whilst looking into my eyes, as you start undoing my tie you kiss me again in the lips, still whilst looking into my eyes, you pull my tie through the collar and drop it to the floor, you unbutton the first and second button, and start kissing my neck as you do so, as you undo the third you kiss neckline, and then kiss downwards as you keep undoing the buttons, down my chest and stomach till my shirt is totally unbuttoned, you undo my trousers and unzip my flys, my trouser hit the floor.

. You ask me to step out of them but in my haste to get hold of you I forgot to take my shoes off, you look up at me and say well your imagination needs to remember shoes, I say I did but I was sober/merry/tipsy when I was thinking it through, you laugh and pull me towards the big four poster bed we have, not quite walking more shuffling with my trousers around my ankles, we finally make it and you sit me down and un tie my laces and remove me shoes, socks and then trousers, you kiss your way up my leg till you reach my boxers, you pull the waist line so there kind of around my bum but I'm sitting down, so I lift myself up and you remove my boxers, I'm now totally naked.

. You pull me back and kiss your way from my cock up to my stomach and then kiss all 26 stars from my left hip to above my right nipple till your laying next to me, I push you on to your back and kiss you hard on the lips, one hand stroking your leg just above your stockings the other around your head stroking your hair and ear at the same time, you have one hand stroking my arm above your head the other hand on my upper thigh next to my cock your little finger stroking up and down my cock, I move my hand above your stockings between your legs and move your left leg over mine, I slowly draw little circles around your inner thigh, with my other hand I wrap your hair behind your ear around my hand and carry on stroking your ear, still we're kissing as I do this, I work my hand up to your lips and run my index finger through, your moist already, I suck your bottom lip and bite it as I reach your clit and slowly rotate my finger anti-clockwise, i grip your hair tight, and release your lip and move so kiss your cheek till I reach your earlobe, I suck your earlobe and nibble it, I use my tongue to lick your earlobe to the same tempo my fingers going, you move your hand and lightly take my cock in your hand and too the same tempo I'm going slowly gliding your hand up and down my cock, I release your earlobe and kiss down your neck and then back up to your lips and we kiss, your cheeks are bright red, your glowing from ear to ear, I pick up the tempo of my finger circling over and around your clit and as I do so you also pick the tempo up massaging my cock, we keep the tempo and kissing until we've both climaxed, we lay there for a few minutes after just kissing.

. I remove your leg from over me release your ear from my grip and you release my cock, I get off the bed, there is no way we are done yet, I pull you down the bed so your bum upward are laying on the bed, your legs dangling over the side, I lean over and kiss your lips, then your eye lids, then your forehead and then your cheeks, your chin, down your neck, down your chest till I reach your succulent breasts, i grab your hands and our fingers intertwine, I lick your breast with the tip of my tongue and work my way to your nipple, I lick nipple bite and suck, My cock starts to get hard again and you can feel it rise, with how I've positioned myself over you, my rock hard cock glides between your bum cheeks, I move my hips back a bit to let it go further and it flicks up write onto yours lips, I rotate my hips so it brushes against your lips from time to time, your grip my hands tighter and I know you want me, i stop playing with your nipple and kiss up your chest, and neck to your lips, I look you in the eyes as I slowly penetrate inside you, you let out a moan and I kiss you, Moving my hips slowly back and forth, every time I go forward I penetrate a little further until every inch is inside you, you stop kissing me and let go of my hands, you bring your legs up, so I stand up whilst still keeping as much of my cock inside your delightful tight wet pussy, i use my hands to support your legs.

. . . .

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