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. You ask me to stop so we can move, so we do, you move yourself to the middle of the bed whilst looking at me, giving me the follow me look. I climb onto the bed so I'm over you, you lift your legs so there over my shoulders, I lean down and kiss you, then slowly move myself to penetrate you again, I like this position cause it opens your pussy so I can go as deep as I want, you move your hands so there running through my hair, as you do that I pivot my hips, slowly going deeper and deeper as every time, I lean on my elbows and put most of my upper weight on you, I stroke your neck and cheeks, you move your hands down my head to my neck and dig your nails in, as you do you look me in the eyes, the eye contact makes me want you more every time, I could loose myself looking into your eyes.

. I quicken the pace, your hands grabbing every bit of skin you can and digging your nails in and scratching me, we're both sweaty and glowing, I up the tempo as your close to orgasm, I know this by the way your eyes roll and you tilt your head to the right and bite your bottom lip, I don't know why but it always send me into over drive, I'm going as quick as I can my ball sack hitting the bottom of your bum with every thrust forward, I'm not far off coming myself but I want to hold it till you've cum, you start to wriggle and I know your seconds away, I thrust as dig as I can go and your pussy tightens around my pulsating cock and your body relaxes you've cum, and looking me straight in the eyes again smiling, it's not long after that I cum.

I remove your legs from over my shoulders, your legs are shaking, I lay on top of you, and we kiss, you run your hands over my shoulders and down my back and dig your nails in, you ask if we're going again, I smile and say we can keep going till you can't go anymore. . My cock falls out your pussy and our juices run down your bum, always make you pull a face that makes me laugh a little, this is why God is a man I say, I put one hand under your chin and lift it up so I can kiss you again, my other hand runs down the side of your upper body going down wards till I reaches your hips, then I move so my hand can get to your pussy, it's so wet, I run my thumb through your lips and to your clit, she's hard, warm and wet, and I want to taste her.

. I kiss you on the lips and slowly move away and kiss your cheeks, down to your jaw line, down your neck down your chest between your breast to your stomach, I get to your belly button, I kiss and lick and carry on moving down to your pubic line, I position myself so my arms are under your legs and my head it right where it needs to be, I can see the trail of juices that ran down towards your bum, I kiss both your inner thighs and lick them too, I lick between your lips, I can taste us both, You tighten your legs around my head and I slowly put the tip of my tongue on your clit, you wiggle a little I think more to make yourself comfortable, slowly rotating my tongue around your clit, your hands touch my head, i rotate quicker varying the stokes with either the tip of my tongue or using the whole of my long tongue to touch your pussy lips aswell as your clit, I move my left arm from under your leg, as I suck your clit into my mouth I penetrate your pussy with my middle finger, you tighten your legs around my head and rest your feet on my back, as I push my finger in I bend it to hit the roof of your pussy, you arch your back as I do so, I release your clit out my mouth and start stroking my tongue over and around your clit to the same tempo I'm using my finger, back and forth every time bending it to hit your pussy roof as my finger hits I stroke a bit harder on your clit, your legs tighten a little more your hands are running through my hair and lightly scratching, your not far off cumming so I add my index finger to join my middle finger and quicken the tempo still hitting your pussy roof every time I thrust into you, you moan more, I love it when you moan, I love making you happy in any way possible, I look up and your eyes are starting to roll again, you remove your hands from my head and run them up yourself up your stomach over your breast, you stretch your arms out as you tilt your head to the right and bite your bottom lip, your pussy is starting to tighten and your arching your back, I keep the tempo of my tongue on your clit and my fingers in you at the same pace, you begin to wiggle and tighten your hold on my head with your thighs, I feel you climax it's such a wonderful thing.

. . . .

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