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. You look down at me still biting your lip, you reach for me, so I remove my fingers from you, and lick every drop of juice off them, you taste amazing, once you can reach me you pull me into you and kiss me passionately, your legs still wrapped around me, you roll us over so I'm now laying on my back, you remove your legs from under me, and sit on my stomach, you lean down and kiss me again, then you move and kiss my cheek, lick up to my ear and take my earlobe into your mouth nibbling and licking, you whisper that it's your turn, you reach behind me to feel my cock, it's already hard and ready and has been for ten minutes, you lift yourself up and position yourself over my cock, and guide it in, I can't believe how tight you still are, you slowly sit down taking as much as you can, you move a pillow under my head, then move your hands to my chest.

. Slowly pivoting your hips backward and forwards, I run my hands up and down your upper thigh, I want to massage your clit as your doing so but you won't let me, you look at me and say it's my turn, so I move my hands back and just stroke your legs, you shift a little and now your slowly going up and down, I can feel every movement you make through my cock, it's such a great feeling, every upward movement you make you put your weight on my chest, you look at me and ask if your crushing me, I laugh and say you don't weigh much and your beautiful and I love every millimetre of you even if you don't.

. As I finish saying this, you quicken the tempo varying the strokes, pivoting your hips back and forth or up and down, you lean down and kiss me, this causes your pussy to tighten more around my throbbing cock, you stay there kissing me all over my face, forehead, cheek, lips, chin, eye lids, whilst still moving your hips back and forth, I really want to thrust with you but as you said it's your turn so I don't, I wrap your hair through one hand, and pull a bit, my other hand pulls you closer so your breast are on my chest, still moving your hips, we can feel the sweat of each other, there's no friction between our skin, your breasts are simply gliding over mine as you move back and forth, I've pulled you so close your resting on your elbows so you put your hands through my hair, you try and pull a bit but I don't have enough hair for you to pull.

Still moving your weight back and forth you quicken the tempo even more, you move yourself off your elbows so your sitting upright again with your hands back on my chest, you suck your stomach in not because you think your fat but because it tightens your grip on my cock with your pussy, varying the strokes again, back and forth or up and down, but your going that quick your bums slapping against my thighs, you feel my cock harden as I'm close to coming and you breath in as much as you can whilst keeping the tempo, you've got such a good grip of my cock with your pussy that I can't stop myself coming, my toes curl and my body spasms, you slow the tempo down until your not longer pivoting your hips, you move your legs down so your laying on me, you've made sure my cock has stayed inside you as your waiting for payback when it slides out and releases our juices this time over my and down towards my bum, I forgot how it tingles.

. . . .

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