Brighton Manor Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 An exploration of a love-hate relationship That old manor was no place for a city girl like Stella. Perhaps if she'd been born in this country and her parents hadn't decided to move to America when they tuned 18, she might feel more comfortable running this big mansion. She would have been living here all along if her mother hadn't passed this house on to her younger sister when their parents died.

But she did now. The house had nearly 30 rooms, many locked and crammed with old forgotten furniture and antiques. Apparently when her aunt Delores moved in and took over 25 years ago she let it run into the ground. She didn't want to pay the original grounds keeper or the landscapers anymore.

The last time Stella saw her for herself was at her 10th birthday party 15 years ago. At any rate, the mansion was hers now as the eldest of two, other than her mother, in the original Brighton bloodline. As she walked up to the steps of the old mansion that first night, the old woman greeted her and opened the tall wooden double doors.

In the foyer stood the young woman. Both of the ladies wore ragged uniforms, they probably hadn't been replaced since her grandparents had died. They seemed very nervous which in turn made her even more uncomfortable to be there. 'Hello! Welcome to Brighton Manor.

Miss Brighton,' the eldest lady said with manufactured zeal. 'This is Victoria, she will carry your things and I will give her a brief tour of the house. ' The young girl waved as she struggled to pick up one of Stella's bags. Stella only nodded the entire time.

She felt as though she'd stepped into a time machine that took her back a hundred years. 'My name is Mary, I am the head maid. You will have to excuse us. There is one more but he ran an errand.

You came sooner than we expected. But Mouse should be back very soon. ' Mouse, she thought to herself. What kind of name is that? 'Right this way to the kitchen,' the old woman said and led her away toward the left of the house.

But she knew she couldn't afford to pay to have all that work done. If mother knew what has happened to this old place she'd be devastated. She would surely feel guilty for passing the entire estate on to her sister just so she could stay in America. 'Mouse!' Mary called.

A figure of a young man passed the dark doorway of the grand hall. The man ignored her completely. 'Excuse him, ma'am. He isn't keen on strangers.

He keeps to himself mostly. ' 'Is he dangerous?' Stella said mildly alarmed. 'Oh, no, he's quite harmless. He just keeps to the lawn best he can and stays out of the way.

You'll have to give him time. He'll come around. *~~~~~*~~~~~*~~~~~* Stella and Mary caught up with Victoria in Stella's new bedroom. 'I didn't suppose you'd want your late aunt's old room so I thought I would prepare your mother's old room.

'We took great care in cleaning up your room, Miss Brighton. I hope you find it satisfactory,' Mary said. 'This room hasn't been occupied since your mother left in 1971. ' 'It's very classic.

. . . .