Bringing Jake Home

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The boy was admitted to St. Joe's Emergency Room where it was found that he had three broken ribs, a broken wrist, and his face and body were covered with his own blood from numerous scratches and gouging of the flesh and a there were a multitude of bruises on his face and body. He was patched up and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

One problem that immediately cropped up was his fear of women. His mother and sisters have so traumatized him that anytime a female approaches him he screams, cringes, and tries to tuck himself into the same fetal position the police found him in Saturday. ' To Rachel's arched brow, Elizabeth continued on: 'His trauma was so bad they had to reorganize the shifts so that only male nurses work his room.

Early Monday morning the police and hospital reports and photos were delivered to the District Attorney's Office. The attorney assigned to the case took one look at the reports and photos and notified the Department of Social and Health Services who immediately requested a hearing for Probable Cause to issue Temporary Restraining Orders and to make the children temporary wards of the court, pending hearings and any resulting trials, with temporary custody of the boy to be transferred to DSHS.

Judge Micah Brown, who handles juvenile cases, performed his duty and determined that there was Probable Cause. As a result he made the young boy a temporary ward of the court, which basically put him under the protection of Child Protective Services under the auspices of the Department of Social and Health Services.

Judge Brown also issued a temporary restraining order against the mother. He has also temporarily removed the daughters from the mother's custody and also made them temporary wards of the court. As soon as I got a 'heads up' about the case I phoned Dr. Tucker and requested a Psych.

Eval. , Rachel cut in, 'Dr. Leo Tucker?' 'Why yes, do you know him?' Elizabeth asked. 'I know him,' Rachel responded.

Her tone of voice, the inflection in her voice, and the upturn of her lips caused a thought to flicker through Elizabeth's mind, I wonder how well? Elizabeth concluded her remarks, 'I've inherited a problem and you are my only solution. There are no other certified foster parents available in the system.

Will you take this broken bird under your wing? It may well be that if his mother is in fact found guilty of child abuse he will become a permanent ward of the state, which would put him under the tender mercy of Child Welfare Services, but that's down the road. Will you do it?' After a bit of thought, Rachel posed a question.

'If he's truly afraid of women, how will I be able to help?' 'Dr. Tucker has a few thoughts. Why don't you get together with him and see what he has to say. Even though the lad won't be released from St.

Rachel's final words to Elizabeth were to the effect that she would give the proposal some thought. Elizabeth put an envelope in her hand, explaining that it was a copy of the police reports and pictures. She also apologized about her inability to give Rachel the hospital reports, but that would be against the law.

Upon returning home Rachel poured a glass of Chardonnay, lit a Lilac scented candle, put a recording of Bach's music on, and sat down to read the police report and view copies of the photos they'd taken. After 5 minutes of reading the report and viewing the photos she found herself agitated and disgusted with what she saw and read.

. . . .