Bringing Jake Home

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How could any human being, let alone a mother, heap the abuse and degrade a child as she and her daughter's had done to Jake (for that was the boy's name). To be exact it was Jacob Joseph Hanson. Laying the report and photos aside she lay her head against the chair back, closed her eyes, and let her mind wander where it would.

Her first thoughts were about her late husband, Larry, and their growing love for one another in her senior year at Western University when she worked for him as a student aid. She recalled, with a smile on her lips, their wedding at Trinity Presbyterian Church the Summer she graduated. Her smile changed to a frown when she recalled the day that they found out that they would never have children because Larry's sperm count was almost zero, for whatever reason.

They'd talked about the problem. A news story about the great need for foster parents in the state made up their minds for them. That, coupled with the feeling that they both wanted to help the children in the news story made them both agree that instead of adopting they'd become foster parents.

Over the next several years they found their house filled with the laughter and mischief that children are heir to. An autopsy later showed that he'd died of a brain aneurysm. The thought of Larry and how much she loved him, how broken up and distraught she'd been when he died brought tears to her eyes.

Shaking off her gloom and wiping the tears away her mind turned to the point a year after Larry's death when she decided that she needed to get on with her life. After she'd graduated from Western and at Larry's urging, she'd started to take the courses needed to pursue her post graduate work and hopefully get her doctor's degree.

She'd finally dusted off her thesis and poured herself into the necessary study and research to complete it and submit it. Three years ago she'd turned it in and sat for her boards. She passed her exams with flying colors, receiving her diploma at that June's graduation. She was now Dr.

Rachel Armstrong if anyone cared. The pay-off for her was her being accepted at Western University with a full professorship in the History Department, where she now taught. She smiled again when she recalled the size of her first paycheck as opposed to the pittance she'd earned teaching history at Western High School.

The chiming of the mantle clock broke into her thoughts. As the clock sounded the hour, she noted it was midnight. Time for bed she thought as she turned everything off and made her way up the stairs to bed. On her way up the stairs her mind returned to Larry and to their love life.

Larry had been ten years older then Rachel. Rachel hadn't been a virgin on her wedding night but she was also by no means a slut, her sexual experience having been limited to the normal teen age groping, the loss of her virginity to her steady boyfriend at the Senior Prom, and one unsatisfactory incident in her Freshman Year at Western.

Eschewing her nightgown she laid a heavy cotton bath towel on the bed to catch her vaginal fluids. She'd learned on her honeymoon that when aroused her discharge was immense. First Larry, and now Leo, used to tease her about getting two baths when they made love, A complete face wash from their oral love-making and a complete bath around their waist, thighs, and especially their cocks.

. . . .