Bringing Jake Home

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They both made jokes about their anal orifice being super clean when she was on top, which never failed to bring a flush to her cheeks and a smile to her lips. Fluffing her pillow she crawled into bed and closed her eyes. She was quickly lost in images of Larry and her, How he used to wait until she came out of the bathroom.

How he'd place his arms around her and softly stroke her back as his pelvis ground against her and his lips nuzzled her cheeks, ears and, oh my God, that little dimpled spot where her neck and shoulder joined. Soon he would be gently removing her nighty. Even as it touched the chair his body would sink to the floor as his hands made their way to the small of her back and the cheeks of her ass.

He'd slowly pull her into his waiting lips, kissing and licking every inch of her skin as he stroked the small of her back and her ass. As she ran the movie of Larry's love making through her mind, her own hands were busy pleasuring herself. Her hands rose to her heavy puddled breasts to squeeze the flesh and rub and pull her enlarged, stiff nipples.

She could feel her juices flowing as her breathing grew shallower and she began to moan. Suddenly her mental movie changed as Larry laid her on the bed. He spread her legs and began to kiss her pussy as his fingers slid between her lips and pushed them slowly and deeply into her pussy while his tongue began to search for her clitoris.

In tandem with Larry's movements in her movie, she too pushed her fingers into her pussy, rolling them around and twisting them as her thumb began to rub her clit. By now her moans had risen to a loud wailing sound as her body climbed the mountain of arousal she would shortly throw herself from in glorious orgasm.

She was almost there. Her pussy muscles were clamping around her fingers as she tried to pull them out and her ass was rising off the bed trying to get them back inside her. By now she was strumming her thumb against the head of her clit while her other fingers pulled and twisted her nipples.

Suddenly her wailing became screams as her body stiffened, her pussy muscles jammed her fingers firmly and tightly inside of her, and her eyes rolled back into her head as she fell off the mountain in glorious release. Still gently rubbing her nipples her body gently shook in an occasional minor orgasm that just made the night more pleasurable.

Finally satisfied, she weakly pulled the sopping wet towel out from under her and dropped it to the rug, as she closed her eyes to fall into a very happy, erotic, dream filled sleep. Following breakfast the next morning she phoned Leo Tucker. Her face broke into a grin when she recalled the quizzical glance she'd received from Elizabeth when his name came up.

On the third ring a deep baritone voice rewarded her efforts. 'Leo speaking how may I be of service?' Rachel identified herself, causing Leo to warmly greet her. She explained her problem, stating she needed to talk with him before she could make up her mind about whether to accept Elizabeth's request or not.

Leo's reply was not unexpected, 'Sure but it's going to cost you. ' In return she quipped, 'What's it going to cost me you pervert?' To which he answered, 'Seems like the last time we dated honey bunch, there was enough perversion that a goodly portion of it would also have to lay on your shoulders.

. . . .