Bringing Jake Home

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' The remembrance of their dates over the last several years and the usual evening aftermath brought a blush to her cheeks and a schoolgirl giggle to her lips. The two of them were in fact what today's generation calls, 'Friends with benefits. ' After hemming and hawing for a few seconds Leo stated his terms with a leer she could feel over the phone line, 'Dinner and dancing Friday night, and fooling around afterwards.

How in the hell can you get horny from a phone call she thought. Simple, was her answer to herself, it happened when Leo said, 'and fooling around afterwards. ' Friday found her shopping downtown. This was her lucky day.

Standing at 5'11' she usually had a problem finding clothes without having to shell out money for alterations. At the store next door she found matching nylons, garter belt, and panties, that complimented the dress. As she started to leave it suddenly dawned on her she didn't have a bra to go with the dress.

That problem was soon rectified and she headed out to keep her appointment at the beauty salon to get her hair set and nails trimmed and painted.
. . .

. . . .