Bri’s Summer

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It was the beginning of the summer and things were going from bad to worse for Bri. She had assumed that summer between high school and university would be filled with tanning, going to the gym, and partying every night. That was what her two older sisters had done and now she was sitting in a cold damp room waiting to be trained for her summer job.

Bri squirmed a bit in the hard orange plastic chair. Looking around she saw signatures from past year's staff covering the walls. It was cute and she could imagine herself signing the wall herself at the end of the summer. Right now she just needed to get through the training.

'Can I sit here?' Ryan asked. Bri looked up and saw a tall muscular guy standing over her. Even if this had not been lifeguard training she would have assumed he was a lifeguard. He was tanned with blond hair and piercing blue eyes.

Even though he was in board shorts and a t-shirt, she knew his chest was firm and bare. She was probably blushing but couldn't help it. 'O. k.

Her mind had been racing with naughty thoughts and she didn't even realize that she hadn't answered him. She opened her mouth to say something but instead the manager stood in front of the room and began. 'Good morning and welcome to Summerside. I'm Kathleen the manager.

I want to begin by sharing with you my first summer as a lifeguard. ' Bri listened intently as her manager recounted the first summer when she dealt with an unconscious victim on her very first shift. She was a very good storyteller and Bri could tell that those that had heard the story before were equally interested as those who hadn't.

When the story was over they were broken into groups and Bri spent the next two hours reviewing resuscitation standards, how to teach preschoolers, and how to use the defibrillator. The time went by quickly because Ryan was in her group and he was an encouraging and patient partner. 'You're Angie's sister right?' Ryan asked innocently.

Her sisters were the bane of her existence in so many ways. Her parents loved all their children, but for some reason her sisters could get away with murder whereas she had to work for everything she got. Angie had sailed through high school barely passing but had surprisingly gotten into the prestigious university in town.

'Yeah. ' Bri blurted out. 'I hope you're nothing like her. ' Ryan smirked and walked away.

*** The next few weeks were a complete blur as Bri was immersed in her job as a lifeguard. Her shifts were always the same as Ryan and soon she was comfortable enough around him to start flirting. Each time she said or did something around him she got nervous and it wasn't until he pointed it out that she realized what she was doing.

'You know you bite your lip when you're nervous and that happens every time you chat with me? You know that right?' Ryan stated, as they were putting away the pool equipment at the end of the night. 'Um. I guess,' Bri blurted out. 'You make me nervous.

'There's a new movie coming out that's supposed to be scary and gory and simply gross. You seem the type to not be grossed out and act all girly, do you want to go?' Bri processed what he had said and then stopped. Was he really asking her out? Clearly she had waited too long to respond because Ryan got nervous himself.

. . . .

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