Bri’s Summer

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'Or not. It's fine. ' 'No! Wait. Sorry.

I'm just thinking of way too many things. ' Bri stumbled on her words as she tried to explain. 'Yes. We work until eight on Friday right?' Ryan grinned.

That was the answer that both of them wanted. *** The rest of the week went by quickly and Bri was so excited when finally the pool was cleared at the end of the evening. Ryan let her go and get changed, going on about how a girl needed hours to get ready whereas he just needed to change.

The top was a little tight but she liked how it accentuated her breasts. Leaning over the sink in the staff room she put on a bit of lipstick and decided to let her hair down. She smiled as Ryan walked past her. He was in black jeans and a similar colored shirt.

Bri smiled and soon they were in his car driving to the movie theatre. The movie was gross and Bri spent most of the time with her head buried in his shoulder. They shared a drink and popcorn and when the movie was over she didn't even realize that his arm had been around her the whole time.

'Totally gross. I'm sorry,' Ryan apologized. 'No that's fine. I guess as lifeguards we need to be prepared for blood and gore, right?' 'Yeah I guess.

Ryan's hands were equally sweaty and Bri realized that guys had the same emotions as girls. As they got to his car Ryan moved her against the car and looked down into her eyes. 'You have no idea how nervous I am. Like really nervous.

Bri reacted quickly and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in tight. It was a moment she had wanted for a month and she had played out this scene in her head so many times she knew exactly what she wanted. Ryan's hands were tight around her body and soon the kiss intensified as he opened his mouth and let the tip of his tongue flick gently against the roof of her mouth.

They kissed harder as Ryan pushed her up against his car. When he finally pulled back both of them were breathing hard. 'Yep. Thought so.

' Ryan winked and opened the passenger door for Bri to get in. Bri was confused but didn't say anything. It wasn't until he drove out of the parking lot that he explained. 'Awesome kisser.

Something I definitely want to do again, soon. ' Ryan giggled and that made Bri laugh. Bri was about to say something when lights shone directly in front of them. Ryan swerved and missed a car that drove straight down the wrong way of the road.

They turned around and saw a hundred meters down the road two cars crushed. Instinct took over and both got out and began to run to the cars. Ryan grabbed the first aid kit from the trunk while Bri called 911. Ryan ran faster and got there first, calling out the injuries to Bri.

Bri stood back and answered the dispatcher's questions. She felt helpless as she watched Ryan check on both drivers. 'Bri get over here now. ' Bri blurted out something to the dispatcher then stuck her phone in her pocket.

She remembered being told not to hang up on 911 and she already had the phone on speakerphone so hopefully everything going on could be heard. Bri watched as Ryan lifted an unconscious woman from the car and laid her down on the ground. Bri went into automatic and began to check for vital signs.

. . . .

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