Bri’s Summer

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She spoke aloud and knew that Ryan was close. 'The other driver is gone,' Ryan blurted out. He rushed over to Bri's side. She was doing C.

P. R. effectively, much better and much calmer then he could ever do. He took over the compressions and soon they were in a rhythm.

A paramedic arrived and took over for both of them. Bri was shaking and Ryan was trying his hardest to be strong for both of them. They watched from the side of the road as the woman was placed in the ambulance. Four police cars blocked the road.

'We'll need statements from both of you. I'm assuming you saw the crash. ' The police officer was older and quite abrupt. Ryan nodded and soon they were being asked a million questions as they sat in the back of the cruiser.

By the time they were told they could go it was almost two in the morning. 'You should call your parents. I'll do the same. My house is closer you can stay over.

' Bri nodded and called her parents. The moment her dad picked up the phone she knew she was in trouble. 'Dad . .

. listen please. There was a car accident. I'm staying at Ryan's.

Fine. ' Bri wiped away tears and was glad that Ryan didn't notice. He did notice but knew it was best not to say anything. When they arrived at Ryan's house his mom was waiting.

The look of worry filled her face and Bri knew that it was a good choice to come here. 'We have a guest bedroom in the basement. Next to Ryan's room. You can have whatever bed you want.

' Bri nodded and followed Ryan downstairs. He grabbed her hand and led her into his bedroom, shutting the door. Not a word was said as he undressed down to his boxers and she took off her jeans and bra. The moment they slipped into bed together they fell asleep from exhaustion.

*** The next morning Bri woke up to sun shining in her eyes. She blinked and then felt Ryan's body next to hers. In the middle of the night he had cuddled up against her and then he felt the crustiness of dried tears on her face. Her whole body hurt and she figured doing C.

P. R. for almost three minutes was probably the cause. 'Hey,' Ryan said quietly.

'Are you O. K. ?' 'Yeah,' Bri answered with a confused look. 'You burst into tears in the middle of the night.

Took a while to calm you down but it gave me a good excuse to grope you. ' Bri looked shocked but then laughed. 'I don't remember doing that but I kept dreaming of the car accident over and over again. ' 'I know.

You did great. ' Bri and Ryan got dressed then made their way upstairs. Ryan's mom was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. She trusted Ryan enough not to ask about the sleeping arrangements.

He was twenty-five and could made his own decisions. She looked up and held up the front page. 'You guys are in the paper. It's a big story considering the driver who almost hit you guys and then ran into that woman was drunk and ran off into the bushes.

They found him finally. Kathleen called and wants to talk to you. ' Ryan hugged Bri and nodded. As he picked up the phone he kissed Bri on the top of the head.

. . . .

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