Bri’s Summer

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'Hi Kathleen, it's Ryan. Yeah I know. We're fine. Shifts covered? Yeah that makes sense.

' Ryan hung up the phone and was about to explain to Bri what had been said. He didn't have to. She already knew. *** The rest of the summer was a blur as Ryan and Bri were interviewed many times as they recounted their adventures.

Throughout the ordeal they explained that as lifeguards they had been trained to help others and even though it wasn't at the pool they weren't going to ignore an emergency. As the last day of the summer came to an end Ryan and Bri put away the toys for the last time. 'I heard you changed universities?' Ryan asked quietly.

' Ryan smirked. News of his promotion had spread quickly through town. 'I was going to mention that when I filled out my availability request. I don't want special treatment but yeah, I'm not going away.

' Bri put the last flutter board away and looked at Ryan. He had been preparing for weeks the eventual departure of Bri and his reaction was quieter then she expected. 'Good. ' Ryan stepped closer and kissed Bri softly.

As he ran his hands through her hair he smiled and pulled back. 'I had a good summer. ' Bri giggled and held on tighter. 'Yeah me too.

' . . . .

. . . .

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