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Once Jerry hit puberty, he grew to over six feet tall. However, he was anything but muscular. Some called him lanky. By the time he went to High School, he had bulked up and worked out, so he was a muscular male specimen.

To say he was on a losing team would being mild about it. However, he got on the speech and debate teams and did an outstanding job due to the fact that he had a baritone voice. His wit and sense of respect for his fellow classmates also helped him not only win debates, but he did it in a very diplomatic way.

He went to a broadcast school and then went back to his small city and got a job at a local radio station. For a while he was doing menial tasks like getting the executives lunches and cleaning Cd's for the station. The hardest place to work was the midnight to 6 shift and the DJ's always quit, either to find better pastures and better hours, or just not making it in the business.

Jerry loved the hours, though. He was a natural night person and began keeping his small audience up at night with political sound bites and his own witty commercials of non-existent places that were just plain funny. When the local republican committee complained, the radio station got some free advertising because of the press, but Jerry didn't stop with just the republicans, he went after the democrats as well.

However, competitors were listening and hearing his weird sense of humor and saw that his small audience was climbing slightly. It had been over ten years since that had happened. One morning, having breakfast at a diner, someone in an expensive suit approached him and offered to buy him breakfast.

Jerry said sure. It was a scout for a radio station in Chicago. Also, there would be a driver to pick him up in the evening and drop him off in the morning. Darrel and Jerry went back to the radio station and he put in his two week notice.

For his first week there, he worked with the older DJ and got to know the equipment. The old man, George, was retiring, going to TV as an off camera announcer. A week after that, Jerry sat down, did his sound check and was in a glass studio that he could see not only the hallway around him, but out into the Chicago skyline.

Once again, the audience for this time of morning was small, but, Chicago being a 24 hour city, there were a whole lot more people listening and there was keen competition between stations for every point. He had recorded even more of his funny commercials to swing the points his way. To do his political satire, he had to read the newspapers and watch the local news.

Soon, he had his sound bites going and the political world was up in arms at this nobody that was bringing him down. Even the mayor was not without having his voice heard in a series of sound bites that Jerry strung together and made one of the funniest political non-speeches ever given. Once that happened, the mayor was up in arms, saying he couldn't do that.

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