Brody & Michelle Ch. 01

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It's going to be a long, multi-chaptered story about two kids falling in love. I know. Original, right? Anyhoo, just letting you know now, that it is one of those annoying stories where the sexy stuff doesn't happen until later on, so. .

. just warning you now. Thanks for reading! ***** 'I don't really want to go to your party, Stephanie. ' Brody groaned into the phone.

'Why not?' asked the voice on the other line. 'I don't like your friends. I don't know how you like your friends. You're way too cool to hang out with half of them.

Sorry, Brody, but I'm pretty sure she has no idea who you are. ' 'But at that picnic thing we talked for at least five minutes straight. ' 'Well. .

. I'm sure she'd recognize you, but if I said 'Brody' to her she would literally have no idea what I was saying. ' 'What do you mean she would 'literally' have no idea what you were saying?' 'Brody doesn't sound like a name. It sounds like a car part.

' 'No, it doesn't. It sounds like a name. ' 'Well, that's debatable. ' 'Technically, anything is debatable.

' 'Oh my God, Brody. I don't have the time to debate with you over the word debatable being debatable. Do you want to come? I'm starting to regret asking you. ' 'There will be food, right?' 'Snacks.

Munchables. ' 'I'll come. ' 'Great. Hey, best case scenario you get to know, maybe hook up with, Michelle, right?' 'Right,' he smiled.

'And worst case, I choke on a Bugle and die in front of her. ' 'That's the spirit. I'll see you later. ' _____________________________ Two weeks ago at the picnic thing.

. . 'Ow!' He got hit in the face with a soccer ball. 'Sorry, man,' a well-built friend of Stephanie's said while he peered down at Brody.

'I meant to kick it to Joe. ' He pointed behind him to Joe, and Joe waved. 'It's fine. It's not like you did it on purpose.

Balls go in all sorts of directions, so. . . Am I bleeding? I feel like I'm bleeding.

' 'No. You're not bleeding,' the guy said with a 'rolling your eyes' voice. Brody could just hear the well-built guy calling him a pussy in his mind. Brody, who didn't take kindly to mind insults, said irritably, 'Okay.

Have fun. ' The well-built guy's eyes narrowed. 'Do you want to join in. .

. ?' 'No. I'm fine. ' 'Okay.

Well, if you change your mind. . . ' 'Yeah.

I'll let you know. ' 'Okay. ' He kicked the ball to Joe. 'So.

. . you're just going to sit on the grass on this beautiful summer day?' a voice from behind him asked. Brody turned around and saw a very pretty blonde girl giving him a quizzical look.

'I like grass. It feels nice,' he responded while fondling the grass with his fingers. Noticing him intimately touching the grass she said, 'You don't go outside much, do you?' 'I guess not. ' 'I can tell by the pasty skin.

' 'Thanks. ' 'Sorry,' she smiled. 'I just insulted you without introducing myself. I'm Michelle.

' 'I know. You're Stephanie's friend. I am, too. ' Michelle gave him a surprised look.

'You are friends with Stephanie?' 'Yeah. She lived across the street from me from fifth grade and up. . .

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