Building A Romance

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This is a work of fiction. As this is in the Romance category, it takes time to build the entire story, including the sex. Be patient and enjoy. Your feedback is always appreciated.

MEETING DR. STEIN In my capacity as the Regional Manager for a large pharmaceutical company, I was given the charge of developing a partnership with the Cardiology department at one of the major New York City Hospitals. Dr. Stein was part of the faculty at the hospital.

She was the physician I was told to contact when I met with the chairman of the Cardiology Department. 'Dr. Stein, in her capacity as the President of the local Cardiology Society, has worked with other pharmaceutical companies and in that capacity also deals with the companies who want to work with our department,' stated Dr.

The representative warned me that 'Dr. Stein is luke-warm to products and it has been very difficult for me to gain face time in front of her. I'm hoping that by you coming with me to see her will enable us to get some more quality time with her. ' 'Make it quick.

I'm very busy, really too busy to talk right now so be quick about it and don't waste my time,' was the way Dr. Stein addressed me. 'And good afternoon to you too, Dr. Stein' as she did little more than glance at me, never extending a hand to shake as I introduced myself to her.

'If this is not a convenient time,' I remarked, 'Perhaps we can meet either before or after the next Society meeting next week. I really do want to meet with you to see how we can work together, my company and the Society and with the hospital. ' She scribbled something on her business card and said, 'Call me Monday after 4, and I will see if I can find the time to meet with you next Wednesday.

' 'Not a problem, and thanks. I'm looking forward to getting to work with you' as I handed her my card. 'Just in case you find time before next week, you can reach me on the cell. ' Our phone conversation was just as curt.

I called her on Monday and I reminded her that I was going to attend the Society meeting and asked her if we could we meet either before or after the meeting. However, after much give and take, she told me that she will try to get to the meeting a few minutes before and she could possibly give me five minutes of her time.

'I will be in the lobby bar starting at 5. I will wait for you until the meeting starts. If you come, you come. Thanks and I'll see you on Wednesday.

I was married, widowed too soon, raising two, soon to be married daughters. I have had a few relationships over the years, but currently, no one as good as my beloved wife. At this time there was no other woman in my life. I was very surprised when Dr.

Stein walked in about a half an hour prior to the meeting. . . .