Bumped Off Course

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PART I 'You what?' Kay exclaims as she drops her purse onto the counter. She has just put in another twelve hour day working to provide much needed therapy to abused and neglected children in the Tampa Bay area. She spent all day hearing children talk about being touched inappropriately or hit for not picking up their toys and her boyfriend of two years continues to act like I jerk.

'Kay. I just thought that before you start making me dinner that we could go upstairs and mess around for a while. ' 'Steve, you have got to be kidding me. I don't know where to start with that.

But sure let's go upstairs so that you can screw me while I mentally make dinner plans since once again you couldn't be bothered to put something together for dinner even though you've been home for hours. ' 'Okay sounds like a deal to me,' Steve says as he turns around and bounds up the stairs.

Kay Mitchell and Steve O'Brien have been a couple for over four years. Steve is supremely content in his life. He has been living with his 'exotic beauty' for longer than he ever dreamed possible. Kay is the daughter of an African-American father and a white mother.

This mixed genealogy produced a woman that depending on the time of year and the way that she wore her hair could be described as looking anything from Indian, to Native American, to African. For the ultra-white Steve, Kay was the gorgeous woman that he never dreamed he could get. Things were not as nice for Kay.

She had spent many hard years in school working to get her PhD so that she could counsel the most traumatized children and families around. After just three years in practice, she was quickly becoming widely known in the therapy community. She had developed several techniques that seemed to allow abused children to open up to her.

Now after four years of being together, he had long since given up on his dream of running his own company. He was now content to just be a grunt building houses while living off of Kay's hard earned salary. Kay felt as if she was quickly outgrowing the relationship and she didn't know what to do about it.

She thought that she loved Steve, but the more her therapist brain worked, she realized that she loved who Steve once was and who he had once dreamed of becoming. Kay wanted nothing more than to make things work with Steve. She sought counseling on her own and begged Steve to come along, but he always refused saying that he didn't have any problems to talk about.

She frequently gave into his constant sexual requests. He never forced her to do anything, but she frequently found it easier to just give in and not listen to his nagging for days on end. Suffice to say, Steve thought that he had a great sex life while Kay saw her sex life as nothing more than a chore to do along with all of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

In an effort to regain the closeness that she once had with Steve, Kay agreed to attend a golf tournament that was being played in their home town of Tampa Bay. She couldn't stand the game, but she knew that Steve played every chance that he got. He talked like he was a great golfer when the truth was that he would struggle just to keep up with his buddies.

. . . .