Burning Desires

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'Shit! I just popped my tire!' Ian Sommers turned the hot heavy August air blue with his curses as he muscled his car to the side of the road. Slamming his car door he walked to the back of his car and unlocked his trunk. Raising the lid, he took one look inside and immediately slammed the trunk lid closed.

Tossing his cell phone into the passenger seat of his car, he took a seat on the hood of the car to wait. He started to get hot sitting out in the sun, sweat trickling out of the hairline of his sun-streaked blonde hair. Stripping out of his white dress shirt, he tossed it into the car after wiping his face and chest with it.

Squinting his green eyes against the sun, he scanned the deserted highway in both directions. So far no tow truck. Twenty minutes later he saw a vehicle approaching. Relieved, Ian jumped off the hood of his car and waited for the repairman.

The driver jumped down and Ian thought to himself, 'Man, this guy is really short and skinny. ' As the guy walked closer Ian came to the realization that the guy wasn't a guy at all, but a woman. 'Holy shit!' Ian said to himself, 'There's no way this tiny little chick is going to be able to fix my tire.

' The woman stuck her hand out. 'My name is Holly Pierce, and I'll be saving your butt today. ' she said with a grin. 'All joking aside, what seems to be the problem?' she asked her hand moving up to readjust the cap on top of her head.

'I've got a flat tire and don't have a spare. If you have a donut I'll be more than happy to change it. ' Ian said, shifting slightly under her steady gaze. 'I'll fix it, thanks.

As she turned around she rapped hard into the chest of her 'customer'. Gasping in startled surprise Holly felt herself falling until he reached out and grabbed her arm. The jerk of her body unseated her cap and a fall of hair the darkest black he'd ever seen spilled out and hung in curls down her back.

Ian had to wonder what all that dark hair would look like spread over his white satin pillowcase. He grinned hugely at that image. Feeling a jerk on his arm he looked down at her, shocked at the carnal thoughts invading his head. She was trying to remove his hand.

Glaring at him, Holly stalked over to his car, then seeing the shredded tire she swore and moved back to her truck. As she walked she shoved her hair back up underneath the cap, which was firmly seated on her head. He chuckled under his breath, coming to the quick conclusion that his little savior was a little prickly and a lot gorgeous.

He vowed then and there that he would have her in his bed before the end of the day. Watching her as she hauled a jack and tire iron out of her truck, he smiled as he watched the muscles in her arms bulge from the heavy equipment. She was dressed in bib overalls and had a white tank top on underneath, her only accessory to the heat.

She was also obviously very fit. His gaze slid over her, trying to imagine what she looked like under the heavy overalls. As she walked closer, she noticed him staring at her body. Her pulse gave a little kick of excitement.

. . . .