Burning Embers

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She was waiting in her chair of the living room anxiously. Her friend from across the sea had promised that he'd be coming around lunchtime but not to bother about food as he'd probably already had something. But this was night time and she kept thinking back to their conversations over the internet.

They flirted with each other outrageously whilst they were online and even though both of them knew that It was a little wrong, they couldn't help themselves sometimes, especially with some of the things they said to each other. They kept on at it because they were both fond of each other and he made her feel all special and loved, and she made him feel desirable again after his break up.

As she thought back, she started to become aroused but realised what was happening so tried to wipe the thoughts from her mind with only a minor success. AS she looked down towards the rug lined with fur in front of the roaring fire, she dreamed about lying in front of it with him. They would be both in each others arms as the warmth seeped into their systems, completing the whole romantic setting as they kissed each other.

A loud noise outside awoke her from her waking dream as she looked out of the window and saw that the weather was getting progressively worse. The wind was blowing all of the trees very heavily, making them sway as if desperately holding onto the ground as their leaves were plucked from the branches and being dragged through the air by the invisible force.

She began to worry if he would make it alright and shut the curtains, blocking out the awful scene. She moved over to the fire and turned it up slightly making the heat almost intolerable if you were sat next to it, but from a distance the heat was filling up the room making it more cosy. The embers and flame dancing in the firebox to their invisible melody, almost with a hypnotic effect in her mind as she felt her soul pour into the dancing lights and was being replaced by the emanating heat.

As her mental state began to become thinner and thinner, she thought of his image in all of the pictures he had sent over the past year. All of his photos came with a smile or a cheeky grin that she had come to know and love. Over her troubles with her partners, he had been there for her when she was being neglected and felt unloved.

She often wished that she had more than words on a screen to relate to as the loneliness overcame her some nights when they were talking. She gave him electronic hugs so often but they were no match for the real thing. But what she remembered most was their more intimate conversations of their cloths and their tastes in sex and romance.

What often frightened her was that they both liked the same things and seemed to connect to well, and the fact that with a few words he could send her temperature soaring and turn her on so much. But she was always obliged to keep her hands on the keys as she felt to do otherwise would be wrong.

Her body was becoming more and more loosened by the effects of the liquor. Her mind was following the same example of the rest of her as the flames worked upon her mind like some form of drug. But it all disappeared in the blink of an eye as she heard a knocking at the door and her heart beat suddenly raced as her whole body jumped.

. . . .