Burning Flames

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I stood on the balcony watching the lake when you arrived. The dying sun set the sky on fire, a salmon made circles on the smooth water surface. You waved, and I smiled and waved back . .

even from this distance I was mesmerized by your beauty, like so many times before. We had dinner in candlelight, relaxed and glad to be together again. I had bought the kind of roses I know you like and put them in a vase for you, and from the livingroom we could hear the stereo play Tchaikovsky's 'Swan Lake'.

When we had finished our meal I picked up the candlestick, and we moved into the livingroom. I managed to light the fireplace after two attempts, and a warm light filled the room, shadows dancing on the walls. We sat down on the thick carpet, watching the wood burn as the flames grew higher and higher.

. . . Sipping a glass of champagne I look at you, admire the beauty of your lines when you look into the hypnotic firelight.

You are wearing a silk blouse and that skirt I like so much. I can't deny my feelings for you, I want you. I need you. And then you feel my gaze and look into my eyes.

We both smile. You put your glass down, and I take the hint. I empty my glass and move closer to you. Our lips meet and you put your arms around my neck, surprise me with the passion of your embrace.

I kiss your neck, your shoulders and your neckline, as you caress my back gingerly. While I cup my hand gently over your breast our tongues meet, and your moisture excites me even more. I stop for a moment to unbutton my shirt, and as I do so you open your blouse, revealing your slender figure and curvy breasts.

I pull up your skirt and pass my hand over your thighs, and I touch your breasts with my mouth, circling your nipples. 'God, I love you', I whisper softly. My hands move faster when I pull down your panties, and as my fingers touch your wet lapia a wave of increased excitement fills my body.

I massage your clitoris in my mouth and you reward me with a deep groan of pleasure. I stimulate you with my tongue and my lips, my hands holding your hips like a bowl as I taste your warm juices. This is my way of showing you how much I need you, how I wish to be a part of your life forever.

When your breathing changes I stop and roll over on my back. You react almost instantly, on all four you take my nipples in your mouth and then start kissing me again and again, each time moving further and further down. Standing on your knees you start massaging me, making me even harder, and when your lips close around me it is almost too much.

I put my hand on your shoulder to stop you before it's too late. You understand and straddle me instead, and I am inside of you, my hardness enclosed by your warm muscles. I hold my left hand on your hip, and with my right thumb I gently caress your clitoris. .

. . Then, slowly, with your hands on my shoulders you start moving up and down, with a rhythm like the waves hammering against the shore, your fingernails dug in my skin, your hungry eyes looking into mine. I cup my hands over your breasts, and your movements help me massage them.

. . . .