Bus Rider Ch. 01

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I've owned a car since I was 14. Spent two years rebuilding it and had my own set of wheels by the time I turned 16. I've never been with out a vehicle since. I even lost my license for a couple of years, and still owned a car.

I drove it more than I should have and luckily never got caught. So I've never really had much use for public transportation. At the beginning of this year I owed two cars and had the work truck. I gave my 92' Corsica to a charity group in Feb.

Three weeks ago I gave my 1966 Plymouth Fury III to a museum. The car really was in too good a shape to be anything but a collectors piece. This left me with nothing but the work truck, one of the great benefits of my job. Well last Tuesday that changed.

I walked home that day and found out how truly out of shape I am a mere 5 miles and I was puffing at the end of it. I slept well that night and the next day started out very nice. Got up late and kind of hung around the house. Played on the computer a little and watched some TV.

About noon I called into the dealership and found that my truck would not be ready until the next day. Seems they had a problem getting the parts. Made me happy I still got the day off or so I thought. Along about 3 pm I get a call and have to run out to fix a machine.

That presented a bit of a problem since I had no vehicles. I called a taxi and had them come an get me. The taxi ride was nice but ended up costing me twenty dollars. I got to the location and fixed the machine no big deal.

Now the fun part was getting home. I didn't really want to spend another twenty out of my own pocket to get home. So I decided to try public transportation. I hiked up to the nearest bus stop and waited.

Presently a bus came along and I hopped in giving the machine a dollar. I sat down and looked around. Now it's been over a decade since I've been on a bus and it was actually a rather enjoyable experience. Public transportation has come along way.

So I plopped on a seat and looked around. Lots of interesting people ride the bus. Several factory workers, nurses students and I think one bouncer. I sat there looking around and generally enjoying myself.

She sat down across the bus from me and a few feet towards my right. She grinned as she looked around the bus and her eyes stopped on me. It was almost like a jot of electricity passed between us. Her eyes stayed locked onto mine as the bus kept up its pace.

At some point I was aware that the seat next to her was open and I moved to get closer to her. She watched me slip next to her, her eye's never leaving mine. I sat the next to her for a few minute just enjoying her presence before I spoke. 'Are you a fan of Friends?' I asked.

. . . .