Cape Adventure Ch. 05

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Special thanks to J. M, J. F and E. R * The cool breeze in the air, and the soft sunlight coming down was the first thing to wake Jess.

She finds herself, sprawled out on the lawn chair on her deck. Her hand is down her panties, and her shirt is a mess. Suddenly it all comes flying back to her. Eric and Amber next door, fucking like wild animals on the picnic table.

And Jess had jerked off to it! Wow she thought, pulling herself together. Her mind racing she wonders how long she had slept. She slowly crept over to the fence and peered over. Eric and amber were gone.

Back inside she goes to get ready for the day, again. A shower is what she needs. A cool one at that! She grabs her towel from the rack and heads to the out door shower. She lets the water warm a little and strips down.

The luke warm water pours over her and begins to bring her back to her sense. It had not been the morning she expected so far and had so much to do the rest of the day. She made quick work of washing up and made a beeline for her room. She tore into her closet and found a cute sundress.

'Guess she woke up' Amber said with a smile. Pushing her self back from the table she cleaned up her Lunch mess and went up stairs. She picked out her favorite bikini. Black with White Polka dots.

She couldn't wait to hit the beach, grab some sun and relax. All that action with Eric had taken a lot out of her. And now, she couldn't get Jess's eyes out of her mind. The way she watched so intently, her lips parted, breathing heavy.

She must have been jerking off, Amber thought. Who could blame her! It must have been so hot. She had a front row seat to Eric ramming her over and over. She grabs a cover up and glides down the stairs.

Out the door in seconds, Erica and Amber are on their way to the beach, just some towels, some lotion and sunglasses with them. Once at the beach, they spread out there towels. Amber comes and sits in front of Eric to get covered with lotion. Eric squeezes the bottle onto her back.

He gets a new handful of lotion and rubs her arms up and down covering them with lotion. Amber's beginning to get some tingles as Eric runs his hands all over her. It was too bad they are out in broad daylight, surrounded by people. She could just mount him right here.

Sadly that would have to wait till they were back up at the house. The tingling between her legs was reminding her of all the fun they had had the best day and a half. He is so powerful but so gentle. His hands still sliding over her skin brought her back into the present.

Eric had covered every inch of her body with lotion. He swung his legs around and had his back to Amber. It was her turn to lather up him. She took a good pour of the lotion in her hand.

. . . .

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