Cape Adventure Ch. 05

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Her hands slipping along his skin and wrapping around his arms. His body feels so nice under her fingertips. Her hands continue to flow over him and around his strong pecks and down his chest and abs. All oiled up, they lay there basking in the sun.

Their bodies soaked up all the warmth. The cool ocean breeze keeps them cool on the beach. Both drift off into nice naps after turning over once. In their dreams, they can't keep their hands off each other.

Amber wakes first and flips over onto of Eric, grinding her hips against him, she waits for him to wake. When his eyes open she presses her lips to his, savoring a kiss. Eric kisses back and soon their tongues are dancing. Amber pushes her self up off of Eric.

'Lets go back to the house,' she whispers with a smile. She grabs her towel and darts off the beach. Eric scrambles behind her, gathering up what's left and chasing after her. His cock is starting to stiffen with anticipation.

He is catching up to Amber as they sprint up the street. Luckily their house is only two hundred yards from the beach. Amber is first into the house and she dashes thru the breezeway and into the back yard. Eric follows her and picks her up.

Amber tugs at Eric's swimsuit and exposed his rock hard cock. She pushes him back onto the lawn chair and whips of her bottom piece. She straddles him in the chair and lowers her tight wet pussy onto his throbbing cock. His length and girth filling her out she lets out a soft moan.

She starts to ride him, in a nice cowgirl style. Swinging her hips to and fro as she grinds down on him Eric runs his hands up and down her thighs, an along her sides. He squeezes her sides as he runs his hands up her torso and along her stomach. He cups her breasts in each hand.

Giving them a light rub, his fingers circle her nipples. Her body feels so good on top of him. Eric slides down and holds her hips as he starts to thrust into her a little harder and a little faster. Amber loves the feel of Eric's thick cock deep inside her.

His long hard thrusts send shockwaves through her body. She lifts her self up bit, and spins around, to ride him reverse cowgirl. The new angle of his cocks feels great for Amber. She's grinds against him some more and starts to pull at her nipples.

A shame, Amber thinks as she returns her focus to Eric and his cock. One hand is pinching her nipple and the other hand reaches down to massage Eric's sack. She wants to make him explode. She wants to feel his juices fired deep into her.

With Eric's orgasm brewing, Ambers dream is about to cum true. He grabs her hips again and begins ramming his cock into her harder and deeper. He is groaning as he goes and soon Amber is moaning out with pleasure. This is sure to get their neighbor's attention Amber things.

There is still nothing from across the yard. Screw it Amber says and rides Eric to the finish line. Before he knows it, she is forcing his cock to bust into her. With a loud grunt, Eric unloads his cum deep into her hot pussy.

She pinches hard at her nipple and begins to rub her mound. Her orgasm doesn't seem to be coming. Amber isn't so easily frustrated though. She lifts herself off of his cum covered cock.

. . . .

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