Cape Adventure Ch. 05

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She turns to him and gives him a deep passionate kiss. Off into the house she goes. In the living room she digs through her bag full of toys and grabs finds her waterproof vibrator. She crosses back to the porch and into the outdoor shower.

She lets the water warm up a bit, and checks the batteries. Good to go. She hops in and lets the warm water pour over her. She leans against the wall and turns on her toy.

Ecstasy is only a few moments away. Jessica had finished her errands in town and was driving home. As she pulls into the neighborhood, she can't help but think about catching Eric and Amber again. They were so much fun to watch.

The way they made hot passionate love right in front of her, the way they watched her watching them. These were huge turn on's. She wants so badly to see Eric's cock up close. She pulls into the driveway.

Out of the car, she carries her groceries in to the house. Placing everything on the counter, she crosses to the backyard. She slowly and quietly opens the sliding door and creeps onto the deck. As she slips over towards the fence she can see Eric lying on the lawn chair.

He is completely naked. She is instantly turned on. She can feel that tingle again and her mouth is watering. She stays frozen, waiting to see where Amber is.

Suddenly Jessica realizes that their shower is running. Amber must be in the shower. Hear heart beating out of her chest, she decided to sneak around into their yard. She darts along the fence and around onto their side.

She stays close to the house as she approaches the back yard. Eric is only 10 feet away from her, at the most. She could see his cock. It looks like it has just been used.

She is a little saddened by this, but seeing it there, resting, makes her even hungrier for it. The shower is still running, and beneath the door she can see Ambers feet. Getting even braver she slowly creeps up onto the deck. Her berating is heavy, and her heart is racing.

She is within feet of Eric. He looks like he is resting his eyes. Jess is soon right by his side. Her hands are trembling.

She wants so badly to reach out and touch him, any part of him from his muscled chest, to his strong arms, or amazing stomach. But most of all, she wants to wrap her hands around his cock. It's gorgeous. Jess can only guess hard, it must be 8 inches and thick to boot.

Jess reaches her hand out and slides two fingers up Eric's cock. She starts down at the base and works her way up. She is locked onto his eyes waiting to see if he is going to stir. So far he seems to just be napping.

His cock is sticky. The smell of cum and sex fills the air around them. He must have just finished fucking Amber. As her fingers reach his tip she swirls them around his head and then back down towards his balls.

She cups then softly and adds her other hand back to his shaft. She squeezes softly. Her fingers wrap around his girth and slowly slide up and down. His cock gives a few twitches with freeze Jess.

He still shows no signs of waking. His cock has grown almost completely full. He has a gorgeous member. Jess's mouth is watering.

. . . .

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