Cape Adventure Ch. 05

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After stroking him for a while, she decided its time to taste his cock. She licks her lips, and slowly leans over him. She lifts his tip towards her and slides her lips around it. She closes her lips around his head and begins to suck at him.

Eric's dried cum and Ambers dried juice comes to life inside her mouth. The salty taste of old sex makes Jess even hornier. She takes more and more of his cock into her mouth. She's never been able to deep throat a cock, but she's never wanted a cock so deep before.

She is savoring all of his cock. Her hand is still massaging his balls. She can't help but wonder how much cum Eric has to give. He has obviously been giving plenty to Amber this weekend.

As Jess sucks away at Eric's cock, she uses her free hand to pick up her dress. She slides her fingers below her panties and begins to rub at her mound. She had just masturbated earlier that morning, but her pussy wants attention so bad. Jess is plenty wet and hot.

She is sot in the world of Eric's cock. Her mind is swirling, just waiting for him to explode insider her mouth. She pushes her panties down towards her knees and starts fingering herself vigorously. Eric's cock starts to twitch a little and Jess is hoping it's ready to blow.

Suddenly it beings to pulse and she feels it. The first squirt hits the back of her throat. It's salty and thin. Not much to it, but how could there be after shooting so many loads over the past day plus.

She quickly starts to swallow his cum as his cock twitches. Her fingers are still dancing deep in her pussy. Her legs are shaking as her orgasms build. She finishes off Eric's cock and swallows the last few drops.

She lets his cock slide from her mouth. Bracing herself against the chair she is determined to finish herself off. She moans out as her orgasm floods over her. Her head is swirling with ecstasy as she savors her orgasm, and Eric's load.

'He tastes so sweet, doesn't he?' Amber says. . . .

. . . .

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