catching mother in law

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My mother-in-law is not the prettiest woman in the world, but to me she is the most beautiful woman I have loved. Her name is Lynn and she is thirty nine years of age. She has straight Brown hair, Brown eyes and beautiful full lips. “Mom” also has the prettiest smile I have ever seen.

Her sight, her nice smell and the feeling of her next to perfect breasts pressing against me when we hugged or when she kissed me excited me ever since I met and married her daughter, we were staying with her Mom due some financial difficulties and she was helping us out. Tonight was an unusually warm summer s night and I just couldn t get to sl**p.

I was feeling a little horny and did not want to disturb my wife so I let my hand snake down my body to my dick where my hands curled around it and I began to masturbate. It was about the best thing I could do to myself on such a night like this. Our bedroom door had been left slightly open by mistake.

As I was enjoying a session with my dick I thought I could hear moaning coming from the next room. The only other persons in the house was my wife and mother-in-law and she slept in the room next to ours so it could only have been her moaning. I was now wondering if she was having one of those erotic dreams or something in her sl**p.

After hearing her moan for a couple of minutes while I kept on stroking my dick I decided that I would go investigate matters. I thought if it wasn t an erotic dream maybe it was a nightmare she was having and I would have to wake her up. So off I went out our bedroom door and half way down the hall to her bedroom door.

What I saw flabbergasted me. Mom s bedside lamp was still on so I was able to look over to where she was on her bed. All I could see was mom laying there completely naked reading what looked like a porn mag. Her eyes were half closed and pumping her pussy with her vibrator.

She was moaning and saying things that I couldn t understand as she thrust that vibrator in and out of her pussy as she pinched her nipples with her other hand. 'Mmm, fuck yeah, oh god yeah, fuck my pussy baby. ' Were the only things I could make out from all her mumbling? My dick was now hard as a rock and before I knew it my hand was in my boxers and I was playing with myself as I watched my mother-in-law.

My heart was beating fast and my mouth was becoming dry as I jerked myself off while watching her. I don t know if I made a noise or not but mom began opening her eyes and squinted over to where I was now standing just inside her bedroom door. She squinted my way then looked like she did a double take upon seeing her son-in-law standing there with his boxers around his knees while jerking his cock while watching her fuck herself with her vibrator.

You could see the expression of horror on her face at being caught in the act as she screamed 'Holy Shit' as she tried to cover her modesty. I was still rooted to the spot with no idea on what to do or say. Then my feet got some will power of their own as I pulled my boxers up and I was able to make a bolt for the safety of our own bedroom slamming the door behind me.

. . . .