Caught by the Tide Ch. 01

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Have some me time, re-charge my batteries, generate some new priorities. Yes, I decided as I lay down again, this had been a good idea. To come here on my own had been a really good idea. .

. The breeze felt wonderful on my newly-warmed skin, the fresh, tangy aroma of the sea filling my nostrils, making it easier to breathe somehow. And still the waves continued to turn against the shore, rhythmical and relentless, soothing me, displacing my thoughts, growing louder and louder until my mind was filled with the sound, as though I was becoming one with the ocean.

. 'O-o-oh!' I gasped, waking up with a start as chilly water swirled around me, leaving a dragging sensation in its wake as it receded. Struggling to sit up, the wet sand holding my outstretched hands and feet under suction, I saw that the narrow strip of sand at the edge of the cove had vanished, along with most of the rocks I'd walked around.

'Oh God! Oh fuck!' As I scrambled to my feet, I realised there were perhaps a few feet of sand behind me that the tide had yet to reach, behind that a wall of sheer granite. 'No. No, no, no. .

. ' I dashed forward, plunging into the waves, my gaze fixed on one thing and one thing alone. My bag. .

. I had to get my bag. . .

It was freezing. And deep--I hadn't appreciated how steeply the sand shelved. By the time I reached it, I was up to my waist, each wave threatening to knock me flying. I staggered back to the shallows and rummaged inside, frantically searching for my mobile phone.

Who the hell were you supposed to contact in a situation like this? The coastguard, wasn't it? What number did you have to use? I had no idea--calling the coastguard was something I'd never thought I'd need to do. But as I stared at the phone, I realised that not knowing what number to call was the least of my worries.

It was dead. Of course it was dead. No phone could survive that much salt water. Panic-stricken, I turned to look at the waves, much bigger now.

Was I a strong enough swimmer? Was there any chance I could make it around to the next cove? I looked back at the ever-narrowing strip of unwashed beach behind me. Was there any chance I'd make it if I didn't? I was going to have to try. But before I'd taken more than two steps, I thought I heard a shout.

With a rush of hope, I whirled around, only to lose my footing and crash sidelong into the surf, a wave sweeping over my head. My mouth and nose awash with brine, I turned on to my hands and knees, coughing and spluttering as I heaved myself out of the water. 'Hey! Up here!' This time there was no doubt the male voice was real, but scared of falling again, I took care to plant my feet firmly before looking for its owner.

Did it look like I wanted to be there? 'I'm trapped down here! I was going to swim for it. ' 'Are you crazy?' His groan was audible even above the waves. 'You'll kill yourself! There's one hell of a rip. ' 'One hell of a what?' I couldn't believe I was asking.

. . . .

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