Chapter III — Insertion

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My mother hadnt even left for work. I waited until a few minutes after I heard the car leave, and then went to my window. Well, Mark was an early riser too, it seemed. He was lying on a lounge chair in his back yard, pretending that he wasnt watching my window.

However, when I motioned him to come over, he saw me right away, and was quickly at my back door. I let him in, still in my nightgown (without panties, ala Amy), and he did something I didnt expect. He kissed me. On the mouth.

With his mouth open. I quickly opened my mouth and our tongues caressed. This was nice. I broke off the kiss and guided Mark to my room, where his Speedo was off as quickly as my nightgown.

We sat on the bed, and I asked, did you masturbate yesterday? Mark blushed again, paused, and then with a guilty voice, said, I tried not to, but finally I did. Same with me, I replied. I took Marks hand and put it on my pussy. I was wet quickly, and wetted my hand in my own pussy juices.

Mark was rubbing me like I had shown him, and I could feel the blood engorge my pussy. Mark was clearly wanting me to speed up, but I would not. He was not insistent, but I could tell he was getting frustrated. I pulled his hand away, and quickly sat up and swung my leg over him.

I reached down and slowly guided his swollen cock into my hole. A half inch in, and back out. . An inch in, and back out.

Mark was groaning and straining his body toward my pussy, but I controlled the entry. Now an inch and a half. Now two. I could feel his blood throbbing in the head of his cock inside my vagina.

Now, I lowered myself completely, as Marks whole body convulsed, and he thrust again and again into my hungry tunnel. He had come just as his cocks full length was buried as far as it would go. Like the first day, his erection did not wane. I lifted up and back down.

I slowed my pace to make it last as long as possible, and Mark took the cue to adjust his rhythm. I could feel the orgasm start in my stomach and travel to my clit. Up and down, I slowly moved, and at last I could hold back no more, as my body began to spasm, and I could feel the walls of my vagina contracting again and again against Marks still throbbing cock, which a few seconds later gushed again.

I relaxed, and lowered my body down onto Marks, but he was not done yet. He deftly rolled over on top of me. His cock slipped out briefly, but he quickly reinserted it, and began to pound my pussy hard and fast. OH MY GOD! Bang, Bang, Bang.

He pushed so hard, and it was so good. I came again, intensely, as he continued to thrust. Finally, his body straightened, as his last thrust left him deep in my pussy. He had come three times without stopping, and I was in heaven.

Mark lowered himself gently onto the full length of my body, without pressing hard, and remained buried in my vagina. I could feel that he was still hard. After about a minute, he rolled off my body, and lay beside me. Although I was tired, I sat up, and looked at Mark.

. . . .