Color Of Cum

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He couldn't figure out how to keep everyone happy and not go crazy in the process. I really felt bad for him, especially since I couldn't come up with any ideas either. We'd gone from just having the centers out and playing … then the cum rained to outside, or in some off the wall place that you wouldn't expect a bukkake party to be.

Frustrated Mark and I collapsed on the couch and turned on the TV in hopes of getting it off our minds for a few hours at least. I mean worse comes to worse we just have the party here and try and think of something special for the guys next time. Mark and I were sucked into Saturday Night Fever.

Mark shot up outta the couch after it was over. His mind had taken that movie and turned it into a bukkake party. Original. I'm sure there hadn't been a party like this one anywhere.

But he wanted another one. This was going to be a double centered party. I called one of the new girls Mike had found for one of his parties and asked her if she'd be interested in this one. I wanted a new face here.

Don't get me wrong, all the girls that we have had as centers are great! It is just time for a new one. Becky happily agreed and the date was set. Mark got busy Monday making calls about lighting and stuff. I didn't really pay attention to all that, my mind was elsewhere.

I decided to go shopping and after about four hours I came back with the perfect outfit for Mark. He wrinkled his nose at it when he thought I wasn't watching, but agreed to wear it. I won. Saturday afternoon showed it's head finally and Gary, from Dynamic Sounds and Lighting arrived.

Not too long after him, Becky showed up and she and I headed back to the back room. We got to know each other a little bit as we both undressed. She was gorgeous. She had one of those girl next-door bodies and a real down to Earth look about her.

Not at all like some fake porn star. I liked her a lot. Once we got comfortable enough with each other to manage a kiss the music was hit and we were off to answer our cue. I couldn't keep my hands off of her and neither could she.

I could almost smell her sex as we started to dance against each other under the lights. I couldn't stand it any longer so I made my move and starting kissing her tits, making sure to bite one lightly to jump start her moaning. As I eased us both down to the platform my hands roamed her luscious body.

I could feel her angling her hips, trying to get me to lick her aching pussy. After a few more moments of teasing and hearing her moans grow more desperate I licked the full length of her wet slit and sucked her swollen clit in between my lips. Becky's moans were louder than before and almost drowned out the music playing in the background.

I felt her body tense up and she brought her hands to my head as she began her peak. Eagerly I continued. I wanted to taste her nectar. Becky let loose with a power orgasm that sent her body into violent shudders and a constant moan.

But I didn't stop. I wanted to make sure she was completely satisfied. She took her fingers out of my hair and that was the sign I wanted. As she still continued to jerk and moan lightly I slid my way up her body.

. . . .