Conversation with Ella

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Ella is desperate for her sons. I received this email some time ago. It speaks for itself. But the exchange ended abruptly.

Read on! OMG . . . Thank you! I just finished A Conversation Online with Rene and am absolutely exhausted.

I've carried a passion for i****t erotica for longer than I can remember hon. I'm married, with two sons, and live in what could be best described as Mayberry West, so it's obvious a fantasy I've hidden from all. Finding Literotica was such a treat and finding so many female authors on the subject of i****t has been wonderful.

I certainly enjoyed many of your stories today, but the exchange between you and Rene was totally hot. Seriously hon, I am completely wet here and the three males of this house are in the living room watching some sport thing . . .

but I couldn't help it. I reached an amazing climax just sitting here . . .

that's why I title this OMG . . . Thank you! I've never considered acting on the fantasy, of course, although there are moments (teen boys walking about nude and erect .

. . some masturbation with doors ajar. .

. typical stuff) that fuel the fantasy fires. You presented Rene with a question regarding whether or not, if your son walked in while she was masturbating, would you invite him in to have sex or to just cum on her breasts . .

. I know my answer. I doubt I could go through with fucking either son (18-19 y/o) but I have an intense fantasy about either or both of them ejaculating on my breasts. (I'm so afraid I'll get caught writing this.

. . LOL). I think I would encourage that .

. . definitely. Whew.

. . I am now your biggest fan my dear. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful body of work.

I LOVE to hear from ladies of our age having glorious orgasm celebrations - for that's what they are - celebrations of who and what we are. Loving our bodies and giving that wonderful satisfaction that no man can really give. But to have your teenage sons ejaculating over your breasts - a great fantasy to get off to - all that lovely sperm splashing over our nipples and even over our lips! Mmmm! Will it ever materialize? Well, you wouldn't be the first Ella, as you know!! There are others in my stories with similar aspirations - fulfilled as well.

Thank you for such an encouraging email. I was thinking that my conversations with other ladies would be a bit boring for others - but not so it seems! And for you to be masturbating whilst the men watch TV in the next room . . .

well, that is very horny! Tell me more darling. Sarah. xxxx Good morning Sarah, You are certainly welcome hon. The compliments are very much deserved and I am the one who is appreciative.

It's refreshing to actually be able to chat with anyone regarding my fantasy, especially another female, and one who seems to be in touch with her sexuality as you are, is such a treat. I'm typing this early in the morning, while the guys are still asl**p, although at this point I really don't care if anyone here knows anymore.

My release at the computer, after reading the e-mail exchange in your story was so powerful and delightful. There is no question the smell of my sex had to be evident whenever they walked by later . . .

. . . .