Cousin’s Apartment

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My cousin's apartment is on the fifth floor. So carrying up my desk is no easy task per say. See, I am going to be staying with her for a couple weeks before I go to the college that I am transferring too. I'm 22, went to community college for a couple years but am now going to a university.

So here seemed like the best bet. Getting to the top of the stairs (desk isn't that heavy!) I noticed my cousin picking up one of the boxes I had carried up beforehand. Hearing me come up the stairs she looked up from grabbing the box, smiled and asked, 'This box here, living room or your bedroom?' 'Living room is fine thanks,' I replied.

But after a bit of maneuvering it proved successful and got it in place in the living room. No extra office in this apartment, and I was only staying for a couple weeks so it'll be all right. Looking over after getting it placed Darcy asked, 'Max, is that box outside the last one or is there more stuff in your car?' 'I've got my bag to grab plus one other box but that's it.

I'll be right back and go grab that,' I replied. 'Alright, don't be too long, it is starting to rain!' she replied smiling while undoing the ponytail that her blond hair was in. On my back to and from my car I couldn't help but ask myself if I was thinking too hard into the way she was being so openly friendly? Probably.

I've always thought her attractive with her gorgeous brown eyes, blond hair that goes down her shoulders, long shapely legs (she's probably about 5ś, I am 5ŝ), and her slim body yet not too slim. Maybe a little bit of normal people's excess fat but not much at all. Just not so skinny that sometimes you can see bones.

Getting back to the top of the stairs and her door, I couldn't help but think that my thinking about her as attractive like this was wrong. It really was, I mean she is my cousin after all. Ahh well, it probably is nothing anyway and after these two weeks I could just go get back into the normal swing of things and all of this will have passed.

I'll be away at college anyway by then, I wont be thinking of my cousin this way then, so all should be well. Opening the door and walking back into the apartment I noticed my cousin sitting at her computer. It's in the living room like mine, not too much in there anymore now beside a couple desks, a table, couch and a TV.

'Escape the rain ok? Well I guess uhm. . . welcome home!' She exclaimed turning to me with a wide smile on her face.

'Yeah, I guess it is isn't it? At least for a while,' I replied with a bit of a laugh. 'Yep sure is, make yourself comfortable. Go ahead and turn on the TV if you like, probably catch some reruns of Scrubs or something. I never mind those,' she said, turning back to her computer.

'All right I will probably, thanks for all the help Darcy. ' 'Not a problem,' she said, turning back toward me. I noticed her eyes briefly look me up and down and she said, 'You know, those jeans and shirt really look good on you. You should wear them more often.

You'd have women all over you!' with a laugh and a smile looking me in the eyes. I returned the laughter saying, 'Well thanks for the compliment. I'll be sure to do that. ' Looking back at her eyes and matching her smile.

. . . .