Dad and Jimmy and I

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My mom died as my b*****r and i were young teens. Life changed a lot for us then. Most of it better. Jimmy and i started to mature as I grew nice tits and a round ass and he got a nice big cock.

My dad really noticed how his k**s were growing up. He was always looking at my tits and my ass. I loved him looking at me and i dressed to entice him. I wore thin tight t-shirts with no bra and my nipples would get very hard when dad stared at them.

One night when I was asl**p i heard dad come into my room. He pulled back the covers and got in bed beside me. He was naked. He pulled me over onto my back and started to rub my tits thru my nitie.

My nipples got instantly hard. 'Daddy needs your sexy body,'He told me. 'Make daddy feel good. ' Then he removed my night clothes.

'You have such nice tits. ' And he began to suck my nipples. He feasted on one then the other sucking them deep in his mouth and stretching the nipples and making them long and hard. 'Daddy loves sucking your tits.

' 'Let daddy see your pussy. ' And he then spread my legs and looked at my pussy as he rubbed his finger over it. 'Let daddy kiss your pussy and lick it and make my baby girl feel so good. ' He then started kissing and licking my pussy and he was right.

Next his tongue found my cunt hole and he licked it in a circular motion before he pushed his tongue inside. He jerked his tongue in and out of my cunt and i spasmed on his tongue. 'Yes, my baby girl likes daddy's tongue in her hole. ' Then he told me to look at his hard cock.

'Relax and let daddy's cock in your hole then I will make you feel very good. ' He slowly pushed the big shaft in my hole and at first it did hurt a lot, but soon I got used to it and it felt good. Then daddy started going in and out of my hole and it did feel good. I did love daddy fucking me.

i felt my cunt spasm and get very wet as daddy fucked me. 'Yes, baby, you like to cum on daddy's cock. ' As he kept fucking my hole he soon was ready to cum and he shot a load of cum deep into my tight cunt. It felt warm and sticky.

He then left me naked in my bed. It felt good to be fucked by daddy. The next night, daddy came to my room again and every night for several weeks. He taught me to suck his cock and take his cock in my ass.

i loved sex with daddy. I loved him licking my ass and fingering it. One night when he came to my room he brought Jimmy. 'Now it is time to teach jimmy to fuck baby.

' He then undressed jimmy and showed me his cock. For a young boy his cock hung half way down to his knees. Daddy picked it up and began to stroke it til it got hard. Then he rubbed Jimmy's ass.

. . . .