daddy daughter

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Yes, he was her father, but she did not know much about him and that needed to be changed. He was six-foot two-inch tall, dark black hair that was graying around his temples and a very rugged face. He always had a smile for her and as of late, it started to excite Tasha and she noticed Dad with quite a few hard-ons.

She knew it was weird, but Tasha didn't think of him as her Dad, she thought of him as one very sexy man and wondered what he thought of her. She hadn't seen him but five or six times over the last ten years and at the age of twenty-two, she was very impressionable and he was making a very 'big' impression on her.

She watched him lifting the heavy barbells and he must have had a hundred pounds on each one of them, but Dad lifted them with little effort at all. 'I was thinking about going out to dinner tonight, are you up for it?' Tasha asked as she looked up and down his tall, muscular body, thinking of how easily he could hold her down and fuck her brains out.

Tasha knew he had a massive cock and guessed it to be right around ten-inches long. Back when Tasha was around ten and her mother was still alive, she walked in on Mom and Dad screwing each other like wild a****ls. The visions of his long, hard cock had remained in her mind all of those years and now with them living together, she caught nice glimpse of him naked and it was getting to her.

Max looked to his sexy daughter and fought to keep his cock under control, but it was becoming an impossible thing to do. 'What do you have in mind?' he asked trying not to look at her gorgeous body, but that was a difficult task and getting 'harder' with each passing day. She was five-foot-ten, black hair and a body that could make a dead man hard.

Tasha's eyes were dark, almond shaped and they had a mysterious gypsy look. Her hair was cut short and it looked kind of shaggy around the sides, giving her a wild and sexy look. Her breasts were a large, C cup and they were the kind that looked like two, big water balloons, nailed to a wall and sloshing around.

'We don't know anything about each other, Dad. After Mom died and you went back to the army, I went to live with grandmother and we drifted apart. ' Tasha said with a low voice, thinking of him being in the Special f***es and all of the things he must have done, but she didn't know anything about it or him.

He knew she was right and they did need to bond again. Before Cindy died, he and Tasha were always together and doing something fun. 'Sure, I'd like that very much,' he smiled to her, enjoying her soft touch and tried not to look at Tasha's sloshing breasts under her small bikini top, but his eyes could not stay off of them and Max hoped she wouldn't notice.

She could see his dark, bedroom eyes on her and Tasha loved it. She didn't care if he looked at her, but it was taking its toll on her and she was horny day and night. 'Where would you like to go?' she asked as she slid her arm around him and hugged, enjoying his muscles and his manly sweat dripping on her.

. . . .