Dude Looks Like a Lady

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Last night I was at a bar for a few drinks with the guys after hockey. We were joking, drinking and playing some pool. On the table next to us was a beautiful woman in her late 20's playing against her boyfriend. She had huge boobs that were spilling out of her tight tank top.

Her Boyfriend noticed I was staring and didn't look to pleased. He was also twice the size of me. After I finished my beer I told the guys I was tired and left. As I was driving home all I could think about where her huge tits.

I started to get hard in my jeans as I drove home thinking about her. The streets were pretty quiet as it was almost 2am. I noticed a bright neon sign above a store that read 'Oriental Massage'. I was hard as a rock, so I thought.

. . why not? I pulled over and parked just down from the massage parlor. I quickly walked to the front door as it was cold outside and I wasn't sure what time they closed.

'So sorry' she said 'but we are closing now'. I smiled and turned on the charm and asked if she was sure that she couldn't fit one more customer in. She smiled, sighed and rolled her eyes all at the same time. 'Come on' she said,and ushered me inside.

'I have only two attendants still here' she said. 'Go into the parlor and I will send them in for you to choose'. I walked into the parlor and sat on the couch. I went for a magazine when she returned with two ladies.

'You choose' she said. Both ladies were Asian. One was very young, probably 20 years old with her hair cut very short, wearing a nightie and high heels. Her face was very pretty and her body was typical Asian, very slim and no boobs.

The other woman appeared to be in her 30's. She had her hair in pig tails and was wearing a catholic school girl outfit. She had a curvy body with big tits. They looked fake to me, and usually I don't dig on fake tits but all I could think about was the girl from the bar, so i decided on her.

The manager whispered into my ear 'Good choice, Koko is my most popular masseuse. She is full of surprises. ' I paid the lady the fee of $50 and followed Koko. Koko e****ted me to our room.

It was a very plain room, with a massage table in the middle surrounded by mirrors and a single night table in the corner with a small radio playing soft music, a single candle, and a bottle of massage oil. Koko instructed me to get undressed and take a shower which was across the hall. She told me she would be back in a few minutes.

Koko left me to get undressed. I quickly stripped down and grabbed a towel and crossed the hall to the shower. I took a hot steamy shower and really soaped up my cock, balls, and asshole. I quickly finished, dried off and made my way back to the room.

Koko hadn't returned yet, so I hung my towel and hopped up on the table. My cock was hard as a rock already. I laid in the table lightly stroking my cock while I waited for Koko to return. Moments later there was a soft knock on the door and Koko walked in.

'Turn over onto your belly' Koko instructed. I rolled over and tucked my still hard cock between my legs. Koko grabbed the oil, squirted some on my back and started the massage. She asked me if I wanted a regular massage or a special massage.

. . . .