Eclipse: The Waning Of John Blake

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I. John had shown no movement for six days. He had made no sound. He was only recently released to his present hospital room from the strictly quarantined, Infectious Disease Intensive Care Ward.

He hovered in a state of half-consciousness as his wife Julia, finally allowed at his side, held his hand as she listened to the man in the white jacket at bedside. “Well, at least we know whatever bug he's got is no longer contagious,” said the doctor, one of the country's leading specialists in tropical diseases, “but this thing still has a nasty hold on him.

You're lucky, Mrs. Blake, that the virus seemed pretty uninterested in you. ” John Blake had decided to bring his wife to a remote island off of Africa's west coast in celebration of their fourth wedding anniversary as well as his new position as Chief of Plastic Surgery at the medical center.

Soon after their arrival at the small, exclusive resort, both had contracted vague, flu-like symptoms: slight fever, stiff joints and mild headache. While Julia recovered quickly, it soon became apparent that John would not. He became progressively weaker, could take no food and finally slipped into the semi-consciousness in which he now lay.

Immediately rushed back to the States and into the care of top physicians, John showed no improvement and baffled all the experts. “His vitals are fine. Better, in fact, since you've been in the room with him. He must have missed you.

If she was perhaps a bit secretly vain, it was not undeserved. Her 5'7”, lightly muscled frame and perfect curves had served her for several years before her marriage as a slightly successful figure model. While John, a rising young physician on the university's plastics staff and five years her senior, considered her at first a “trophy wife” of sorts, their relationship had developed well.

He was proud to have, in natural form, what many of his colleagues in the department created through their science and surgery: a wife of perfect, classic features and flowing, blond hair, with a flawless, light tan complexion and long, lean, muscular legs. And then there were her breasts. He loved her breasts, and he knew it would take a miracle, even with all his skills, to approach creating anything as beautiful as Julia's naturally full, round, 34D bosom.

Their lovemaking routinely centered around her breasts, she was always eager to please Jack and would hold him to herself and pamper him in ways that he loved. A bride at 24, Julia absolutely adored her husband. Her modeling career, such as it was, ended with her marriage as she took to homemaking full-time.

She was content just to make John happy. Cleaning and decorating their spacious new home. Developing her already fine skills as a cook. Keeping herself in fabulous shape through hours of workouts.

Eventually, he promised, when it was right for his career, they would have c***dren. But until then, she would be more than happy just to take care of him. “And he needs you more than ever now,” the doctor continued, “he's been getting weaker and slowly losing weight as his body continues to reject any nourishment we try to give him.

We've attempted feeding tubes, IV's, everything. . . it all just runs right through his system.

. . . .