English Class

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English Class I was 28 years old and decided to go back to college to finish my 4 year degree. I was taking all the night school courses possible before asking my employer to let me take some day courses. The first night of class I got there early after work and sat in the room until others started showing up.

I watched her put her purse down and she smiled at me and then turned and sat down. A couple more guys her age came in and sat beside her and behind her. They started talking to her immediately. She responded as if she knew them.

When break time came around the three of them got up and walked outside. I went to get a soft drink and went outside as well. She was standing with them talking and laughing about 50 feet away. I sat on some steps where I could see her.

A lady closer to my age came and asked if she could sit with me. I looked at her and thought why not. This lady had black hair, a little chunky but very cute and not so bad and she was also married as was I. She introduced herself as Amy and we talked about the class we were taking.

I had noticed her in the room a little earlier. She asked if I had a study partner yet and I told her that I did not. She noticed me looking at the girl that now had half a dozen guys around her. Amy said “There’s one in every crowd isn’t there?” I asked “one what?”.

Class was every Tuesday and Thursday so the second night of class I got there early again. “Bitch” came in a few minutes after me and it was just the two of us. When she came into the room she smiled and said hello. She sat in the same roll but directly across from me.

I introduced myself and we began talking about the class and eventually about work. I told her what I did and she had this surprised look on her face and told me that she did the same kind of work. I felt a connection. We talked for almost an hour before class.

When the same guys that sat with her the first night came into the room they sat in front of her and in front of me and started talking to her. The lady named Amy came into the room and sat behind me and started talking to me and wanting to know more about me. When the professor arrived Jan reached over to me and took hold of my wrist and said “During break, I need to talk to you.

Nothing intense but certainly noticeable, somewhat like she was letting them know that she had business to discuss with me. During the break she asked me where I got the soft drink the night before. I took her to the break room and we both got a drink. She and I stepped outside.

Jan told me, “Yeah, I saw the two of you talking on Tuesday night outside. ” Then she said, “She asked you? Why did you not respond?” I told Jan that I wasn’t sure if I wanted a study partner. This is when I reached over and put my hand on her forearm and said, “but, I think a study partner would be helpful and I would like to be yours.

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