Erotic story of BINITA. 4

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Chapter 04: Binita Around the House The woman massaged the oil into his limbs. Thakur Hari Singh luxuriated in the ceremony of the long oil bath he treated himself to once every week. His weekly routines had been interrupted for a while now because of the preparations needed for his son's marriage to that saucy, town-educated girl Binita.

'Binita,' he thought and sighed. The girl had come to talk to him about the stalled marriage when both he and she had descended into lust and for a good hour, they were only man and woman. No relationships, no norms, no taboos crossed their minds as they pounded into each other against the mango tree, on the floor of the cowshed till they were both spent.

His loins stirred at the memory of that a****l coupling. It had come to him several times since. The girl had ever since the wedding been extremely careful around him. She never appeared in front of him without her ghungat -- the veil covering her face.

It was an unwritten rule that only the women on the domestic staff would attend to him in the bath. It allowed him a closer look at the various women that worked in different parts of the Thakur household. Some of the women had rough hands, others were well muscled and capable of giving him a robust rub-down, and still others were dainty and demure and had to lean into him to be able to really give him the strong massage he demanded.

And when they squatted at times the ghagras revealed more leg than normal. All this happened at the wall in the backyard near the well and the taps where the Thakur would engage in this ritualistic bath. Thakur Hari Singh sat on a low stool, about two feet high and crossed his legs so that he could sit for a great length of time in this posture.

At this time he wore a small cloth that went around his waist and loins exposing his body so that oil could be applied, bathing mixes rubbed and water could be poured. The garment was a concession to modesty. In reality, Thakur was all the time assessing the women around, enjoying their touch and quite often seeking pleasure.

Not all women were available and he had to observe different codes of conduct for different women. Some were strictly off limits. Others were saucy and fancied the fling with the powerful Thakur. It often meant gifts in cash, favors and other things to look forward to.

Thakur Hari Singh had all sized up. A new one always meant being cautious, but it also set the Thakur's pulse racing that there was a new woman to possibly take. Today he was being given personal attention by Laju. She was one of the older more experienced hands.

She would never come to his bed but her fingers were magic and she never left the Thakur short of excitement in the bathing area. Here, nothing was off limits, provided the Thakur maintained the decorum of not asking her to his bedroom. That was the tacit understanding them and both enjoyed liberties within that space.

Usually, the beneficiary of this arousal was her own man, later in the night. For now, it was the Thakur and herself. As Laju rubbed the oil into his legs the Thakur felt the tug of a need to feel release. And release was what Laju was adept at.

The Thakur just grunted as he caught her wrist and guided her hand further up his leg, past his knee and to his thigh. Laju shook her hand free and pushed her bangles firmly up her hands so they were now no longer jangling. She knelt on the floor in front of his crossed legs and reached under the garment.

. . . .