Erotic story of BINITA. 6

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Chapter 06: A Youth Participates in Holi He was waiting her. He was Pritam's cousin and he had been chasing his bhabhi to smear color on her and throw water at her. He had successfully cornered her, when Binita cried off, insisting that she be allowed to go change into casual clothes more appropriate for the occasion.

First Thakur had gone up and returned and then Thakurain. Yogesh thought it was all to do with some household matter as his uncle and aunt had some work to attend to with which Binita was associated. He had no way of knowing that Binita had first been taken by her father-in-law in a simple act of succumbing to the chemistry between them.

Yogesh also had no way of knowing that Binita and her mother-in-law had comforted each other with an outpouring of womanly love for each other. All he knew was that his bhabhi (s****r-in-law) had proved to be playful and flirtatious and she had promised him that she would allow him to do anything so long as he allowed her to go change her clothes.

And so he was waiting for her. He continued to play with others but he never strayed far from the stairway from which she was bound to emerge. And emerge she did. He saw her bouncing down the stairs, ready for a bracing round of Holi play.

As she ran down, her breasts jiggled and straightaway caught Yogesh's eye. Binita ran and grabbed hands full of gulal (color powder) and got ready to smear it on some others who too were playing in the yard. She got to one of the girls and they both hugged each other and smeared color on one another giggling at the fun of it all.

Yogesh was barely nineteen and had no experience of any woman. He should have been chasing any of the girls of his age and there were plenty of those. But his hormones were bubbling and he knew that he stood a better chance of a sexual encounter today with one of the married women, and who better than Binita bhabhi? As the water hit Binita between the shoulder blades, she squealed at the chill blast, and turned around to try grab the pump out of the assailant's hands.

The water jet splashed on her chest and drenched one side of her before the pump ran out. Yogesh ran for the water tank to refill the pump while Binita chased him. Yogesh reached first and breathless, partially from the running but more from the excitement turned around from the water tub to find Binita was nearly upon him.

His eyes riveted onto the partially wet breast, and the nipple that it revealed, his first sighting of a woman's breast and her nipple. He slowly discharged the newly loaded water pump across Binita's chest, drenching her and exposing her fully as wet cloth clung to her skin. Incredibly, Yogesh found she was wearing nothing underneath and everything could be seen.

He stared at the breasts, contoured fully by the drenched cloth, nipples taut in the cold water and jutting out and the dripping with water which made them seem oh-so-suckable. Yogesh's erection was as instantaneous as Binita's realization that coming down without a bra beneath her kurta had been a blunder.

She looked down and saw her breasts, completely revealed, the kurta was a mere apology of a garment. In the whirl of action, she seemed to stand still, her nipples shamelessly erect, betraying the sexual arousal which had never really receded between or after the encounters with both Thakur and Thakurain.

. . . .