Face Down, Ass Up

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While my husband was working, my girlfriend came over to spend the day. We love to fuck each other, so we watched porn and ate each other out. She ended up with the strapon and fucked me senseless throughout the day. Something I wanted to give back.

Didn't care who, just wanted to fuck with the strapon. She left before my husband arrived and said she'd come back soon. My husband came home and went to take his shower after work. I went in to check on him and starred at his ass.

'Now that ass looks good enough to eat'. He laughed it off, but I asked him to spread his cheek so I could see his puckered hole. He complied and I reached out and traced his hole with my finger. 'I want to eat your ass, baby.

I'll make you cum', I said poking my finger in for a tease. 'Okay, just let me finish up in here. I'll be in the room in a minute'. When I left the bathroom, I ran to the bedroom and slipped off my sweatpants and panties.

Pulled on the Doc Johsonn Ejaculating Cock, filled up the reservoir and pulled my sweatpants back on. I heard the water turn off and I waited for him there. When he came in, he took off his towel and I took off my shirt setting the 'twins' free. He started to climb in the bed.

'No. I want you face down, ass up! I am going to devour your little hole'. He turned around, dropped to his knees and got on all fours. 'Good start.

But face down and arms in front'. When he extended his arms, I used a belt to tie his arms together, careful not to expose my thick hard cock. 'Your being so good, baby. This way you can't touch yourself and ruin my fun'.

With him in place I got behind him and exposed his hole, giving it a quick brushing with my tongue. He moaned as I aimed his rock hard cock at my mouth. 'Look at all the precum. You want this, don't you baby'? 'Yes', he managed to get out.

I licked the cum off and went back to his asshole. I spread it as wide as I could and stuck my tongue in as far as I could. I began sucking and licking his ass with no regrets. 'Your ass tastes so fucking good baby, I want more'.

With his ass glistening with spit, I inserted a finger in his ass while still licking his hole. I stared finger fucking him as I have a rim job. I reached down and grabbed his throbbing, leaking cock. As I inserted another finger in his ass, I stroked his cock using precum as lube.

I snuck the third finger in, as I jacked his slippery cock. 'Oh my god, I'm going to cum'. 'Not yet, baby'. I stopped stroking his cock and eased my fingers out of his ass.

I went back to eating his (now stretched) ass, as I slowly removed my sweatpants without him knowing. 'You want more? Do you want to cum'? 'Yes', he replied. 'Then let's cum together', I said. I sat up and lined my cock up to his asshole.

'I'm going to fuck your ass until we both cum', and I shoved my cock in balls deep in one thrust. He let out a helpless moan. I started fucking him. 'Not what you expected, but how could I pass this up.

. . . .