Filthy Warehouse Sex

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He took her panties off the door handle as he left. I would have too. They were sexy and reeked of my wife's pussy. I hadn't realized he had her bra also.

I couldn't see it. She came out several minutes after he had split. She was taking small steps. Her clothes were on.

Her hair was somewhat tussled, but not out of place. She sat in the minivan for a minute. She lit a cigarette. She usually only smokes when she drinks,but I don't think she had had a drink yet.

She tossed the smoke and split. Now to retrieve the evidence. Weeks earlier I had mentioned a fantasy that came to me. It was great,fun and unique.

It would put my wife in a whore's situation. I spent a few days thinking of the details and work involved getting things together. When I thought I had a good elevator pitch, I explained it to the wifey. She was reluctant, which I anticipated.

I kept selling the idea over the next couple weeks. I used some sales tactics: sending flowers, buying gifts, giving in to her way. Finally persuasion won out. This fantasy was headed for reality.

I began searching for a guy to fuck my wife. We are poly and she has guys on the side, but I wanted this to be a stranger to each involved. It took some time. I met with a bunch of guys, but didn't feel the right vibe.

I searched all over the internet. I finally met a guy claiming to be thick in size, but shy about me being involved. I told him I would not be with them. It would be he and my wife alone.

We agreed to meet. He was an IT guy and it showed. He was overweight and dressed like a dork. We talked for a while, he was not outgoing in any way.

I thought this would work out well, I didn't want either of them talking. . . .

. at all. We went outside, I wanted to see the goods. He was apprehensive, but I told him no show no go.

We went behind his car, (a nerdy Hyundai) and he pulled out his dick. He was wide, not just more than me (or most others), he was wrist wide. He didn't seem overly long, but he was nervous so some shrinkage was certainly at play. He won, he would be fucking my wife.

Having waited out her period I set my plan in motion. She was to follow all directions given her via text. We get ready in the mornings separately. Usually she keeps the bedroom door somewhat closed so i can't see what she's doing or putting on.

I told her to dress sexy, although she had to keep it legit for work. Her professional office environment couldn't tolerate slutty. The following week her first text came through. 'Make for easy access'.

She had the bedroom door ajar while I got ready for my day. I listened for a few minutes, I'm such a voyeur. She came out wearing a new leather skirt. It was knee length, sexy yet sophisticated.

She had on a shimmering satin top. Tight around her breasts, but covered well with a business sport coat. Her heels were well shined without being stripper height. She left for work.

She received her next text, 'this needs to be inside the backside'. In her work bag I had placed a new jeweled glass anal plug. Just to be an ass I bought the widest one they had. I didn't give her a time frame.

. . . .