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82yo Mother In Law ________________________________________ I have always been sexually attracted to my mother in law and have had many sexual fantasies about her and have come close to getting inside her knickers a few times but have always been to scared to do anything about it until now……. .

My Mother in law Betty is in her 80’s, the typical woman of her age, 5’ 5” tall, bottom heavy, tight grey perm, glasses, average breasts (Saggy) and dresses to her age slacks or a skirt usually worn with tights and a blouse or a jumper. Last week she asked me if I would clear out her garage of years of accumulated rubbish, so I hired a van and went over to her house.

When I arrived she greeted me with a kiss as usual and said, “I love your shorts, they make you look sexy, lovely legs”. I thanked her for the complement and was ushered into the garage where a mountain of rubbish had been piled up. “Now all this stuff here has to go sweetheart, I‘ll leave you to sort it out while I make us a nice cup of tea,” she said.

After about 10 minuets she reappeared with a large mug of tea and put it down on the bench in the garage. “Here you are sweetheart this will wet your whistle” she said, I thanked her and proceeded to load the van. Then just as I bent over to pick something else up I felt her hand go up my short leg, I don’t know who had the greater surprise, me or her, because I wasn’t wearing any underpants but I didn’t pull away and thought to myself I’ll let the old dear cop a good feel before I do or say anything, then I said, “Is that nice are you enjoying yourself.

” After what seemed like an eternity she withdrew her hand and said, “It felt wonderful, it had been a long time since she had felt such a lovely firm bottom“. I said, “It’s a good job you’re not wearing a skirt or I might just do the same to you, only I might want to feel more than your bottom”.

“You wouldn’t want to sweetheart I’ve got nothing you would want, it’s all past its sale by date down there”. She said with a grin. I put my arms around her and said looking straight into her eyes, “Trust me I would love to do to you what you’ve just done to me and I would really enjoy it and I think you might as well.

” “Your just a little tease. ” she said. “O. K.

Betty I’ll Finish off loading the van and you can go and put a skirt on then we’ll see who the tease is. ” I replied. After about an hour I had loaded the van and went into the house expecting to see my mother in law still in her slacks, but to my pleasure and surprise she had changed into a navy blue knee length pleated skirt.

“Have you loaded it all sweetheart?” she said. “Yes Betty you can see the floor in your garage again. ” I said. “I’ll make us another cuppa you must be parched.

” She said walking into the kitchen, I followed her in, noticing she wasn’t wearing any tights just her tartan furry granny slippers on her feet and as she bent down to get the milk from the fridge door her skirt tightened over her lovely round bum showing the lines of her large knickers. She finished making the tea and we made our way back into the sitting room, as she called it.

. . . .