Fun at my mate engagement party

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I'm sitting at my mates engagement party bored out of my skull as I appear to be the only person not in a couple. I slip off to the toilet to see who is local on fab. The first profile I see is my mate new fiance Cheryl whose party I am now attending and reading her profile she is single and according to verifications has been a very busy girl over the last couple of months despite going out with my mate.

Reading her verifications the words cum slut seems to be a popular theme,as well a dirty whore,best blow job ever and many more that have me intrigued. Now my dilemma is do I tell my mate what he is intending to marry or do I use this information to my own benefit? After not much thinking about it I decide I may as well have some fun.

I send her a quick message telling her I like her pics and ask what she's up to? Not expecting a reply anytime soon I return to the party looking at Cheryl in a different light now knowing what a dirty girl she is. Throughout the evening I can't help but fantasise about Cheryl as she moves seductively on the dance floor.

I'm so glad I'm sitting at a table as my cock is straining against my pants to be freed. I decide I need to head to the toilet to relieve myself and carrying my jacket in front of me to cover my bulge I head off. Once in the cubicle my pants are down and I am having a good , I check in on fab and have a message from Cheryl 'Hi hun thank for message, do you have a face pic?' Damn I hadn't thought she'd reply let alone ask for face pic.

I message back saying sorry no face pic, hope attached pic will do? I attach a cock pic (yes I know it's lame) I ask what she is up to this evening and did she fancy meeting? I finished wanking and went back to the party. Whilst at my table I kept checking my fab account and after about 15 minutes Cheryl replied, I'm not sure how as I hadn't seen her leave the dance floor.

Message read I'm at a boring engagement party in the Novotel, wish I could get away for some fun. My mind was in a spin, how had she managed to message me? Who describes their own engagement party as boring? and surely Dave would be fucking her tonight. I messaged back 'I'm up for some fun if you can get away?' Not really expecting a positive answer I headed to the bar for a beer, on the way I got talking to Dave and was hard not to tell him what a slut his fiance is.

I got my beer and sat at the table, how far do I take this? Should I tell Dave? Then Cheryl appears at my table 'don't be a party pooper' she says and taking me by the hand leads me to the dance floor. I'm inches away from this stunning creature and I want to whisper in her ear that it's me she's been messaging and I know all about her fab account.

Not wishing to make a scene I keep quiet and just enjoy the dance. After a while I excuse myself and head off to the toilet to check in on fab By intothevalley OP Find posts by intothevalley Man 1 day ago Ipswich Cheryl has replied 'if you can get to the Novotel by 10 I'm in room 312, I don't normally meet without a face pic but need a good fucking' I look at my watch and I have 30 minutes to wait before I get my hands on Cheryl, a girl I've lusted after for years.

. . . .