GF’s f****y Midwinter Lodge Retreat #4

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As Tina pulled back the curtain on the shower my heart was pounding. Only minutes earlier I had seen her Dad and other male relatives acting out a Turkish bath house scene in that very shower. Mentally the images were seared into my mind!! But the sounds coming from behind the curtain now were much more feminine.

Tina turned and grabbed my cock and kissed me savagely! I could feel my cock swelling and I thought again about just possibly mounting her instead of interrupting her Mom and oldest s****r, Amber. But Tina turned and opened the shower curtain. “Mind if we join?” The two women had been entwined with legs wrapped around thighs and hands holding, squeezing and touching everything.

The three women could have passed for siblings and wet and naked there was still little difference. At least that was what I thought going on looks alone. But as Tina slid past Amber and gave her mother a passionate kiss, Amber dropped to her knees and with the spray form the shower raining down on her, she aimed my cock at her lips and she began sucking me like I was bowling ball to be sucked through a garden hose! “You have a real winner there Tina.

He knows how to fuck a woman right!” I heard her mother telling Tina as they broke their embrace to watch Amber go to work on me. “He not only flooded my old pussy, he thumbed my ass in a way that almost had me shouting and waking everyone!” “Mother, you did not let him in your ass did you?” Tina cried, as she cupped her mom’s breast and started tugging on the very responsive flesh! Fascinated by the tableau, I saw one hand of her Mom’s grab around Tina’s ass and another slide up the front of her thigh and slip between Tina’s glistening thighs.

The older woman then began to slowly rub her pubic mound against the outside of my girlfriend’s hip. “No, but honestly Tina, he knows how to make a back door entrance that is most pleasurable! His thumb made the right move at just the right time to send me flying over the moon!” They both smiled at me and I groaned.

They turned and began kissing more fervently as I watched fingers disappear in Tina’s twat and Tina kissed her way down to suck the full beautiful breasts of her lover! “I think you ought to fuck him for us, Tina said, as she pulled off of my shaft and stoked my cock. “If I keep sucking him he may not last very much longer, judging by how tight his hairy nuts are, but he might last a little longer in your wet little pussy!” “Yes!! Tina I want to see him fuck you.

You wouldn’t mind would you, Bryan?” Mom asked. I was hardly going to refuse this, so I groaned out a reply and the three of them laughed as Amber and Tina slid past each other. Tina wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed then whispered in my ear, “Fuck me well, dear! Let’s make them really jealous!!!” With that, she turned around and spreading her feet, bent over and I was afforded and incredible inviting sight of her shapely ass and hips perfectly presented for pounding! As I moved into position, Amber and Mom moved to either side of Tina’s head.

Tina wrapped an arm around each woman’s waist as their hands played over each other’s bodies and Tina’s back. My cock opened up Tina’s pussy in a slow sedge penetration, opening and deepening the passage as I drove further and further into her! When I finally was balls deep inside of her, she arched her back a little in an effort to not miss out on a single bit of her pussy being filled.

. . . .