Girl Friend and I Become Step… #3

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Girlfriend and I Become Step… #3 Nestlé and I kept Nancy nude like we were every day after that first time we included Nancy in our sex time, the day she barged in on us hiding from her boyfriend, and at night we would put Nancy in the bed with us, putting her on one side of me and Nestlé on the other side of me, when we slept.

Nancy got into the routine of saying, “I have a little sexy ass butt” every time she had to turn her back toward me for whatever reason every day, like I told her to do, which I did it to get her to believe the truth about herself, and not the lie that her ex had her believing. The day my mom and Larry who now is my stepdad, and mom being Nestlé’s stepmother, came home from their honeymoon Nestlé, Nancy, and I, had just finished another round of some hot sex, which we did every day after having dinner and cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, and when they saw Nancy covered in sweat like Nestlé and I were, and no clothes on, they stopped in their tracks and just looked at us, then Larry asked, “What is going on here now?” “You might say we have another f****y member wanting to have the same kind of fun, which the four of us like to have.

” “How is Nancy a f****y member Roger?” “I got her pregnant like Nestlé is, only not as far along. ” “I think Larry and I need to put our bags away, and when we are done, we will have a beer, and then we will all meet in here so that you can tell us what all happened, so we can figure out where we go from here.

” “There are no other surprises is there?” “No mom there’s not, it is just the five of us here right now. ” “Roger is right, I’m the only surprise there is, as far as people go. ” “There was to be no other people other than the four of us to know anything about what goes on here Roger.

Are you part of this as well Nestlé?” “Yes, and we had no other choice but to do what we did and keep Nancy here, which we will be telling you all about it, as soon as you two put your bags away as mom said you would, and have a beer as well. ” “Go hon, we will let them tell us all about what happened as soon as we can get settled in, from our honeymoon.

” “Nestlé has never gone against my wishes ever before, and she has all ways talked to me about things first, before she just did anything like this. ” “Roger all ways talks to me too, and if he cannot reach me for some reason, like this time, how could Nestlé ask you anything, with us gone all week long? As I was saying, Roger makes a decision, then tells me all about what happened and why he did what he did, and most of the time he has made a good decision, so just don’t fret about it, till you hear the whole story.

” “You do have a point, and it was nice to be lone with the one I love for a while, even thou I do love those two too. ” “Then maybe you need too sp…” mom shut the bedroom door, so we couldn’t hear what she told him before the door shut them out. “I do hope you two do not get into trouble for me being here, and knowing what I know now about you two and them two, as a new f****y and all.

. . . .