happy new year momy -2

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'You can get dressed now. ' She and Eritrea go to her office and I get dressed and follow them. 'You're a very beautiful young lady, Jayden. I can see why your aunt wants you protected.

There'll be lot of young boys trying to date you. ' 'Thank you, doctor. Aunt Eritrea is very good to me. ' We leave the office with a six-month prescription for birth control pills.

Eritrea has it filled and we return to her apartment. 'Here, you have to start taking them today, so, that by the end of the month you will be fully protected. ' I know where I will hide them. In the tummy of a teddy bear I have on my bed.

There is a zipper on its back and nobody ever touches it. I have had it for years. When I leave, Eritrea reminds me about Wednesday and asks me to call if there is a problem. Otherwise, she will expect me at five-thirty.

Every night I suck Robbie's thumb it seems to relax me. I look forward to his cum in my throat. Finally, Wednesday arrives. As I ride the elevator to Eritrea's floor, I look at myself in the mirrors.

I have on a short skirt with a matching blouse. If Don gets to look up my skirt, he will see a very sexy green thong. I am shaking when I ring the bell. Eritrea greets me with a smile.

She is dressed in a black dress that is molded to her body. Her hair is up and her makeup is flawless. I follow her to the living room, where a mature man is sitting. He is looking at me as I study him.

'Jayden, this is Don. Don, this is Jayden, the young lady I told you about. ' 'Hello Jayden. Eritrea didn't come close to describing how beautiful you really are.

' 'Thank you. ' I'm embarrassed and blushing. I can feel the heat all over my body. Don is a grey haired, mature man over six feet tall.

His suit looks like it was made for him. Hell, likely it was! When he stands up, he towers over me. He extends his hand to me. 'How are you Jayden?' 'Good, thank you.

' 'I'll leave you two together. I'll be in the kitchen if you need anything. Eritrea leaves the room and, when she walks past Don, she turns and winks at me. 'Eritrea tells me you are going to follow in her footsteps.

' 'Yes, I hope too. You want to be the first?' 'I certainly would love that, Jayden. Now that I have met you, I want it more than anything else. You're a very attractive young girl.

' 'Eritrea said that you would show me what you want to put in me. ' Now, Don's blushing. I guess I caught him off guard. I watch as he fidgets.

'You get right to the point, don't you, Jayden? Maybe we should go into the bedroom. ' I follow him and he motions for me to sit on the edge of the bed. He goes into the adjoining bathroom. When he comes out, he is in a robe.

'This is the first time I've ever auditioned for sex. But, you're worth it, if I'm your first. ' He opens the robe and is naked. His flat stomach is covered with grey hair and his cock is standing straight out from his body.

It is so much bigger then Robbie's! It must be at least eight inches long and five inches around. How would something so big get into my small pussy? Don walks towards me with his cock bouncing. I want to reach out and touch it. I can see a large sack at the base of his cock.

. . . .