happy new year momy

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It's been three weeks since school ended for the year. I feel good for I did exceptionally well, as my marks will attest. I'm looking forward to high school next September. The thought of high school makes me feel grown up.

Mom doesn't earn that kind of money to indulge me in designer clothing. I've been babysitting since I turned twelve, but I use most of the money for school projects and trips. What little I've left over is used for lingerie. That's the only sexy items I own.

I developed early and already had noticeable titties in grade six. The rest of my body took shape at the same time. Mom is always concerned about me outgrowing my clothes before she can afford new ones. I envy many of my girlfriends that have a dad and a mom.

My dad was killed in a work accident when I was eight. The insurance money went to pay off all the bills so mom didn't have to worry. The small pension mom receives makes sure we always have food on the table. Mom's wages pay the rest.

It's early in July when Robbie and I start to look at the advertising in the local paper, speculating about what we would like for Christmas. It's a game we play to keep us occupied till mom comes home for supper. We both know that it's only a dream, mom just cannot afford the items we wish for.

Robbie is seven and I am thirteen. My name is Jayden St. Pierre. I have been looking out for my b*****r for as long as I can remember.

The job to soothe him is my responsibility because mom is usually exhausted when she comes home and needs to get some sl**p. I discovered, quite by accident, that rubbing Robbie's third thumb is the answer. When I want to get him to relax and be quiet I rub his little cock, that's what I call his third thumb.

As he got older, and realized how good it feels to have me massage his third thumb, he would often come to me and expose himself for me to rub him. Robbie is six. I've just finished bathing him and I'm putting him to bed. He is lying on his back and his thumb is sticking straight up.

'Jayden, rub my thumb, it feels so good when you do it. ' For some reason his stub looks most appealing, so, I lean over and suck it. It didn't taste bad and I suck for nearly twenty minutes. Then, looking at him, I notice Robbie's asl**p with a contented look on his face.

From that time on I suck his third thumb regularly. When mom gets home there is usually a mad scramble as we have the supper that I've prepared, and then clean up before mom lies down. I take care of Robbie and, if it's early enough, we go to the park for some exercise before getting ready for bed.

Their bodies are well toned and accented by their skirts and blouses. Their long legs are always encased in nylons and striking high heels. I ask one of my girlfriends who they are and she whispers. 'They're e****ts.

. . . .